Dirty Projectors - Swing Lo Magellan

“There is an answer, I haven’t found it / But I will keep dancing ’til I do.” Dirty Projectors are just under a month away from releasing Swing Lo Magellan, and the record’s second advance track introduces a lot of its themes — both lyrically (creative expression in the face of spiritual uncertainty) and musically (orchestral composition, handclaps, intertwining guitar solos) — while still managing to be unassuming and pretty. Dirty Projectors are doing a lot but come off breezy, turning in a proper song on a record that is shaping up to be Dirty Projectors’ most song-oriented to date. “Dance For You” is here:

Swing Lo Magellan is out 7/10 in the US, and the day before internationally, via Domino. Until then, there is “Dance For You” and “Gun Has No Trigger.”

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  1. Nice tune, but neither this nor Gun Has No Trigger have quite the same freewheeling ballsiness that Bitte Orca had for me. Still really looking forward to the record, though (and to seeing them at P4k Fest!)

    Scared of people reflexively downvoting after seeing that cover art again.

  2. Another great tune…anticipation levels very high!

    People looking for Bitte Orca II have probably only listened to Bitte Orca…

  3. They should cover “Call Me Maybe.” That would be fresh!

  4. This on headphones takes the cake.

  5. This is good. I’m excited to see them live here in KC in a few weeks. Yippee!

  6. I’ll take a more song-oriented Dirty Projectors album everyday and Sunday

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  8. I like that they’re popular enough now where they feel they can just diarrhea out any boring, uninspired track over a weekend.

  9. this song definitely had to grow on me. not as catchy as “gun has no trigger,” but still decent.

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  10. This songs seems more like a “great in context of the album” song. So when you judge it in terms of “Is this a great, catchy, definitive single?!” then of course you’re disappointed. I think it’s a pretty great tune that’s only meant to grow on you.

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