Crystal Castles

Last weekend, Crystal Castles brought their blood-garglingly awesome live show to Manchester’s Parklife Festival, debuting an as-yet-untitled new track that sounds like it belongs at a zombie cathedral rave in the process. If you’ve ever been to a Crystal Castles show, you’ll already know that a fan-made video is not going to show you a whole hell of a lot, but the video below at least offers some indication of how a future Crystal Castles album might sound.

So: Will the third Crystal Castles album also be self-titled?

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  1. God damn this album is going to be amazing.

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    • that myth was debunked 4 years ago on pitchfork. if you look at their released work the very few samples they used were legally cleared.

      if you look at their unreleased leaked demos (2004 era) yes there’s uncleared samples but the band didn’t ever try to spread them so there’s no reason to clear anything you never wanted out there in the first place. makes no sense. that would be like looking at a painter’s waste bin and criticizing his doodles. it was “mountains out of molehills”.

  3. Looks like we have a difference of opinion!

  4. woah this sounds really great

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