Shut Up, Dude 6/15/12

This week we heard new tunes from Frank Ocean, Superchunk, Azealia Banks, David Byrne & St. Vincent, and Dirty Projectors. Will any of those be The Indie Song Of The Summer? Or should we crown a bunch of corgis barking “Call Me Maybe”? Let us know your picks. Next week we’ll unveil the shortlist as an official poll. And speaking of user-generated content, it’s time to unveil Stereogum’s weekly look at the highest and lowest rated comments of the past 7 days. Congrats to us all!



Jeremy Morton | Jun 14th Score:20

Hot Chip – Flutes

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#9 micahrophone | Jun 13th Score:22

you used a word counter and left a snarky comment…jussayin

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#8 gruff | Jun 12th Score:22

It’s true, absolute shit is now being created and delivered with astonishing speed and at very low cost.

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Alex Wood | Jun 12th Score:23

I generally feel the editors of Stereogum are far more open-minded than its commenters.

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Will Menzies | Jun 8th Score:23

Can we get a Premature evaluation of Tom’s baby?

Is Donnytillafreshié_ RaptorJohnny Breihan the best baby of 2012?

After what can only be described as a “leak” early yesterday, the new collaboration between Tom and his wife became public early this morning. While some will criticise baby Donnytillafreshié_ RaptorJohnny Breihan for being derivitive (she has her mother’s eyes, her father’s nose) it is likely that, like last year’s The King of Limbs, this one will be a grower. Asked about the birth of sophmore baby, Tom replied “when I first saw her, she reminded me of that Erykah Badu clip”. The sound of crying at 1AM is the odds-on favourite to be Tom’s number one summer jam.

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#5 wesz_rosen | Jun 14th Score:24

Since “Call Me Maybe” isn’t eligible, I’m gonna go with “The House that Heaven Built”.

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#4 dbr | Jun 12th Score:24

Everyone’s a winner, and we’re all going out for ice cream with coach Corgan!

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Andrew Burr | Jun 14th Score:29

Chris Brown probably looked like an asshole. Who the hell fights with someone in a wheelchair?

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#2 wesz_rosen | Jun 14th Score:31

So brave.

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Jason Finestone | Jun 14th Score:37

They missed out on a great opportunity to cal the collaboration “AC/DB”.

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#5 cale | Jun 14th Score:-11

Really… It seems to me you don’t listen to enough music. All those songs are shit especially The Only Place and Im his Girl. The only ones that are any good at all are the Hot Chip and Spiritualized ones, but still don’t belong anywhere near this list.

The best songs of the summer are easily:

1) Recloose- Magic
2) Ariel Pink- Baby
3) Usher- Climax
4) Japandroids- Fires Highway
5) Meek Mill- Amen

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Jordy Kasko | Jun 14th Score:-11

Twin Shadow’s “Five Seconds” is the closest thing to a song of the summer on that list for me. Here are a few of my favorites from my summer playlist:

Xylos – “Summerlong”
K’naan – “Waiting Is a Drug”
The Very Best – “Yoshua Alikuti”
Friends – “I’m His Girl” (hey, it wasn’t around for last summer, so it’s eligible!)
Spiritualized – “Hey Jane”
The Mowgli’s – “San Francisco”
Cub Scouts – “Evie”
Hot Chip – “Flutes” and “Motion Sickness”
Yellowcard – “Always Summer”
Pomegranates – “Passaway”
Django Django – the entire album, but especially “Hail Bop,” “Storm,” and “Skies over Cairo”
Sleigh Bells – “Comeback Kid”
Electric Guest – “Jenny”
Best Coast – “The Only Place”
Chester French – “Black Girls”
fun. – “One Foot”
The Plastics – “Stereo Kids”
Said the Whale – “Heavy Ceiling”
King Charles – “The Brightest Lights (ft. Mumford & Sons)” and “Bam Bam”
Passion Pit – “Take a Walk”
CHAPPO – “Hell No”
KO KO – “Float”
Gossip – “Melody Emergency”
Billy Talent – “Viking Death March”
…and lastly, anything that Capital Cities or Jhameel ever release… EVER.

Wow, that got out of hand. I listen to too much music.

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#3 Brandoch Daha | Jun 12th Score:-11

Whatever it was, it can’t have been measurably more pompous than most of Rainbow’s catalog. And Blackmore never impressed me all that much as a guitarist. He’s got chops, yeah, but he’s no Buck Dharma.

OTOH 100% of Radiohead’s catalog is limp whiny dogshit, while “Man on the Silver Mountain” rocks like fuck. And I guess ranting about Rainbow at this point in history is about 50% cool, which makes the only thing Corgan ever did that I wouldn’t kick him in the nuts for. So he’s got that going for him.

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#2 chrissofuh | Jun 8th Score:-11

it’s like bad adele. i loved bitte orca and rise above, but the press release, video, and music all reek of out-of-control narcissism. i’m afraid this band may be over, and that’s sad because there was a time when they were one of the best.

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Zachary Roman | Jun 12th Score:-24

Pablo Honey is better than every Smashing Pumpkins album

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llama_del_rey | Jun 12th Score:8


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wesz_rosen | Jun 13th Score:11

When it’s time to pony, we will pony hard.

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Comments (81)
  1. Congrats to wesz_rosen, coming on strong in his/her/its rookie week.

  2. So I listened to the Usher album today and I’m officially dismayed about “In Our Heads” not being album of the week.

  3. I honestly worried that I’d end up on the OTHER list when I posted that.

    But I’m the 7th best, mayne, I deed it. Thanks, guys!

  4. I’d like to humbly request that any and all commenters not mention my kids in their posts, even fairly observant and funny ones, because that creeps me out.

    • Whoops, I wrote the comment below while you were posting this. Sorry! And you brought the subject up first remember!


      • Also, since the above comment from Tom is going to bug the heck out of me since it comes off sounding haplessly hypocritical, I’d like to humbly request that any and all humans on this Earth learn to use a better filter on the Internet and not mention details about their lives that may make them uncomfortable in the future if discussed by others.

        The general rule of the Internet is this: Never put or say anything out there publicly you don’t feel comfortable having in others’ hands, because by doing so, you and you alone are responsible for inviting the discussion or what they do with that information. Tom, constructive respectful criticism here, but out of every writer here on Stereogum, you inject the most personal details into your posts. Part of that gives your writing style a likeable character to it, but if you’re not happy with others making do with it once you publish it, then it’s not worth mentioning for the sake of keeping certain details about your life private. By calling us creepy, that’s like a beautiful woman undressing naked in the front picture window with the curtains wide open, lights on and then calling the cops on the men walking and driving down the street for looking.

        • Another good rule of the Internet:

          Never use analogies.

          • Yeah, even if they’re good, they’re usually misunderstood:

            Me: “A is to B as C is to D”

            Person I’m talking to: “HOW DARE YOU COMPARE A TO C; they’re completely different things!!!!1!”

            Me (what I want to say): “I’m not comparing A to C. I’m comparing the relationship between A and B to the relationship between C and D in a specific respect. *Those* are completely different things.”

            Me (what I actually say): ……. [blood vessel in brain pops]

          • ^^^^^ (army of nipples this)

    • Well then, on a purely unrelated note, here are some kids that in no way was I going to suggest were your’s.

    • No offence meant, man. All the best with being a good dad.

  5. I have a few honors of my own to hand out this week.

    First up, I was in the dark about this staff update until like, Thursday, but here’s to Michael Nelson for putting in a good impression during this here his first full week on the Stereogum bylines.

    Similarly, to Stereogum and SENIOR Editor Tom Breihan. It’s great that to see a company reward their writers with new titles and promotions based on their ability to procreate. (On that note, Corban just threw a ton of unopened boxes of Magnum-sized rubber johnnies into the garbage.)

    Also, I enjoyed the nWo-like invasion that occurred in the Smashing Pumpkins’ pre-eval at the hands of rival music site Consequence of Sound and their senior editor.

    On a serious note, Ceremony may be in trouble. Apparently they desecrated a flag at their show at Warsaw in Brooklyn last night and now face a $5,000 fine. I’m wondering if we should get a Kickstarter fund going to help pay that off for them (alongside the one to make comments via mobile device here on Stereogum?)

    I’m off now to finally, finally listen to the new Fionna Apple album piggybacked by Expire’s Pendulum Swings) (excellent Trash Talk-like hardcore)…

    • Also, humblebrag but I want to give my underscored username here a shout out this week for likely being the reason as to why by-lines now feature the writers’ full name. I’m thinking the discussion at Stereogum HQ over that change went something like this:

      Scott: So we hired a new guy as our News Editor. He is the great Michael Nelson.
      Scott: Oh yeah… shit.

      And so the full name by-line was birthed. I’m actually surprised my username wasn’t just deactivated to make room.

      • You know, I was curious about the full name additions too. I guess I didn’t feel it important enough to ask why.

        In new Michael’s first post I suggested he get an avatar A$AP to avoid confusion, as old Michael (hahaha, j/k, just wanted to say that ;) ) is famously sans avatar.

        But who needs to know why now? I’m taking your fantasy Stereogum round table description as cold hard fact now. I mean, why not?

        • One of the more corporate-minded ‘Gum members will probably chime in here to explain the change and not give us that satisfaction, but you’re right — Whatever reason they do give at this point will be just as good as Volkswagen’s cop out for failing to admit they ripped off Beach House.

          • Hey Michael_ & raptor jesus — since we have more and more freelancers (T. Cole Rachel, Andrew Youssef, Melissa Locker, Wyatt Marshall, etc.) who are bylined by their full names, it looked especially weird that staff posts were just bylined with first names. Hence the change. Something we should’ve done long ago!

          • See, I told you.

          • I also love how Stereogum’s additions and changes to staff recently basically represent my suspicions to how one goes about becoming part of the legit online journalism community: If you don’t know someone within the general NYC viscinity inner-circle of bloggers and writers, you will never achieve that status from the outside because the jobs are never posted and when they do, someone’s friend or friends’ friend will have already worked their ass-groove into the computer chair.


          • While I’m at it, I hate the two little ad spots for additional revenue you’ve wedged between the Featured Stories and More News. It’s like no inch of this website is sacred from an expanding ad anymore and being off a 1 cm when clicking results in some huge banner flying out onto my screen.

            It’s almost as bad the new Pitchfork layout that’s over-segmentized, has too many flash sections and info for me to look at once.

          • That new Pitchfork layout gets a big fat NO THANK YOU from me. Truncating my list of news stories into TWO and forcing me to USE MY MOUSE to read more?? Ahhhhhhh hellllll naaahhhhhhhh.

            Also: Thank You Scott for the clarification.

          • Those two ad spots shouldn’t be there, I agree. They’re being phased out. Ad folks will put units anywhere if you don’t fight them.


          • Can’t believe I’m upvoting an advertisement, but that is too good. Some next-level-Bing-joke action right there.

            Side note: I’m actually okay staring deep into Aubrey Plaza’s eyes when I visit the Twin Gum sites. Truly, OK.

          • To get a job as a legit online journalist, you gotta spell “vicinity” correctly every time.

          • That’s a weird rule, considering Tom gets the facts wrong in every other post he publishes.

  6. YES!!!!!!!!!

    Radiohead @ Centre Bell tonight to celebrate my achievement!!!

    Thank you, internets

  7. Thank you. Thank you very much.

    It’s an honor to be up here this evening. I’d like to thank my agent; my parents; my role model, Joe Howse; and, most of all, the members of the Stereogum community, who graciously judged my comment to be better than other comments.

    I never claimed it was better myself, and I won’t let this go to my head. But still, I’m flattered, and I…

    …Wait, is there a leak in the roof? Is that…


  8. Soooo….

    Japandroids — “The House That Heaven Built” for summer jam amirite?

    • I think my vote’s leaning slightly toward the other Heaven song, but I’m fine with either.

      The Japandroids one is my nighttime/going out/trying to rev myself up to be social song of the summer, and the Walkmen one is my daytime/driving with the windows down/not giving a single fuck/ just enjoying the warm breeze song of the summer.

      • You nailed The Walkmen’s album. I recently got to enjoy one of those daytime driving sessions with Heaven playing with the top/windows down. It fits perfectly. Those two really do go hand in hand. Day & Night.

        Besides there really are too many good Japandroids songs to pin down just one. “Evil Sway” is so fucking good too.

        • I’d say the same thing about the Walkmen’s album… Heartbreaker, Song for Leigh, The Love You Love—so many good songs; hard to pick just one.

          And another nice, complementing contrast between the two albums: the Japanroids one is filled with youthful energy, and the Walkmen one has a more adult/mellowed out/got-a-wife-and-kids-and-finally-figured-out-what’s-really-important-in-life vibe to it.

          • It is really interesting how much these two Heaven songs complement each other.

            The Walkmen’s “Heaven” acknowledes the past in an enjoyably nostalgic manner. “Remember, Remember, All we fight for,” is an empowering hook when, as dbr mentioned, you’re riding around with the windows down on a summer’s day. Better yet, singing the lyric, “Don’t leave me, oh you’re my best friend,” with your best friend nearby. At a swimming pool, perhaps? Lots of amazing possibilities there. Overall, and given The Walkmen’s musical history, it’s a song about looking back on your life and smiling radiantly.

            I feel Japandroids’ “The House That Heaven Built” doesn’t look to the past. The lyric, “And the nights forgotten, and left for dead” supports that notion. Rather, it looks to the future, but more accurately, it’s a song for RIGHT NOW. It has this undeniable immediacy that lights a fire in my heart everytime I hear it. You nailed it above dbr, it’s the song to get ready to go out and have a great summer evening. But what it does moreso than “Heaven” is that it makes me hopeful and surprisingly excited about the future. And since our immediate future is the summer…

            They’re both too damned great. We’re so blessed to even be debating over such great songs by two great bands. Personally, I live for the night. When that hot summer sun goes away and I’m left with an evening full of possibilities, you know which songs speaks to me. “The House That Heaven Built” is, after all, what raptor jesus calls home.

          • Great post, raptor jesus. I totally get what you’re saying about Japandroids and how they make you feel (same here). Maybe part of the reason why The Walkmen are appealing a little bit more to me at the moment is just that I’m on the cusp of taking a big step toward becoming a Real Adult™, and I need some reassurance that things are going to be okay when I get there….

            A little OT, but this exchange has got me to thinking about how much listening to music in the car affects my relation to it (music, that is—not my car… well, I guess that too, but that’s another subject). Looking back, I realize that driving around, blaring music like a teenage idiot (which is one of the only aspects of suburban car culture that I like), has been the thing that’s solidified my love for many albums, artists and songs.

            And come to think of it, I think that I had a significantly different relation to music when I was living in NYC and didn’t have a car (walking around with headphones on is a somewhat analogous but also very different experience).

            I wonder whether (and if so, to what extent) car-lessness plays a role in shaping New Yorkers’, Chicagoians’, etc. musical tastes (and therefore the tastes of the critical establishment and blogosphere).

            ^Could be an interesting topic for an article.

          • Here, Here to “suburban car culture” influencing listening habits. I’m near certain that long drives have greatly affected which albums I end up loving each year. It seems to be the best time to give an album the proper time it deserves. Not to mention a car is basically a Music Listening Chamber on wheels. Total Immersion.

            Obviously I have to bring up Chromatics when it comes to albums and driving. I had a thread with eldave (similar to this thread) back when that album came out debating whether or not driving a car while listening to the album was necessary or not. It’s in the Kill For Love Album of the Year, I mean Week, post. (Man, i wish I knew how to do strikethroughs)

            The Walkmen’s new album now has a forever memory of riding around Colorado with one of my best friends recently. Heaven really does perfectly fit intoa sunny drive in the summer with the windows down. Take note listeners!

            But like you mention about headphone city walkers: Is it completely necessary to enjoy certain albums while behind the wheel? I know there are nuances in many albums that can only truly be appreciated on a great pair of headphones. Personally, I had to give that up because I crank my music too loud and was on the fast track to tinnitus town. Did I just make a driving metaphor about headphones?? Whoa. OK, stopping while I’m ahead(phone).


    • By the looks of that thread, it’ll be a blowout.

      Moving on , I’m surprised that nobody even mentioned Grimes. One of the year’s best albums, just not in the summer? I’ll be blasting Circumambient and Be a Body all year long…

      • ^(2nd paragraph said in Max Fischer voice)

      • Love both songs you mentioned, “Circumambient” being a personal favorite.

        The thing with Visions is that I associate it to the winter season. Even though it was released on the tailend of winter, there are songs on that record that seem to hit better in a wintry environment. “Skin” comes to mind.

        Of course that isn’t scientific fact or anything. I honestly think it’s just that album suffers (like most albums) from being released too early in the year. The Internet age is full of forgetful people! Doesn’t help that we’ve been inundated with great albums released here on the cusp of summer. Well, it DOES help. Always in need of great records.

      • I was going to suggest a song off her album (probably Oblivion), but then I figured it was disqualified ’cause it came out in Q1. Same thing with Port of Morrow.

      • Good points—it did come out early, and we have short memories. And although there are lots of tracks on Visions which could be/are/will be singles, I’m not sure that any are really anthems.

      • Also, she has this working against her:

        • Oh…

          Frank’s here.

          • Say, “Here’s to your fuck, Frank.”

          • Very Well Frank…

            ~~ It does make me smile that the day after I leave town frank booth shows up on Stereogum. Blue Velvet has long been my favorite movie ever. For one large reason because Frank Booth is one of the most terrifying rolls I’ve ever seen executed by the great and unfortunately late Dennis Hopper. I realize it is but a commenter stylized after this legend, but my twitter account is victim to this crime as well. “You’re like me,” Frank said, before demanding Candy Colored Clown be popped into the tape deck… Better cut myself off at that before I write up another paper on this classic. Still…

            “Here’s to your fuck.”

  9. I’d like to thank Hot Chip – Flutes, Song of the Summer 2012 runner-up.

  10. I don’t wanna seem conceited, but my “Gun Has No Trigger” post was clearly the best comment of the week.

  11. Pew Pew….. None of the big names up there! Lots of young talent

  12. Yay! Second straight week. Maybe I can get #1 next week if I write an even longer post.

    (Gotta be able to mock yourself!)

  13. This is part 1 of a video of a tour I went on, thought some of you might find it interesting. If you like young English men getting drunk it’s probably your kind of thing.

  14. There ought to be some sort of badge system for winners and losers. I am thinking tiny quarter notes in green/gold or red.

  15. Seems like the shot of Drake in a wheelchair really has legs – been floating around for years.


    Here’s the postcard FYF Fest sent out hinting at who is playing based on the LPs and 7″ vinyl on the shelf:

    Here’s who is pretty much confirmed by this and what I can make from my eyesight. There will be 68 bands in total:

    American Nightmare
    Atlas Sound
    Cloud Nothings
    The Field
    Fucked Up
    Hot Snakes
    James Blake
    Joyce Manor
    The Men
    Nick Waterhouse
    Sleigh Bells
    The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
    The Vaselines
    Wild Flag

  17. I’d like to thank the show degrassi for making my comment so successful.

  18. Any Toronto Sgummers looking for a late night NXNE show to check out, come drop by my showcase tonight at Czehoski and say hello. Would be honoured to meet any of you IRL, including rubberjohnnies 2, 3 or even OG.

  19. For those of you who haven’t heard the news yet, Radiohead’s Toronto performance has been cancelled due to a stage collapse. So far, 1 has been reported dead and 3 have been injured. None of the band members were hurt in the accident.

    Please keep those that were involved in this terrible accident in your thoughts this weekend.

  20. Where’s the new Shut Up, Dude??

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