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  • Justin Vernon Designs A Shoe

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon is the latest indie rocker to design a shoe, and his joint, which is available from Keep shoes, will benefit the Best Friends Animal Society. More:

Designed by Justin Vernon, the Keep + Bon Iver shoe features herringbone accents, a black fishbone detail across the toe, and a canvas upper custom dyed to a perfect pale salmon.

Rooted in a shared love of animals, Keep + Bon Iver proudly support the Best Friends Animal Society, an animal advocacy group which operates the nation’s largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals.

(via Keep)

They’re now taking pre-orders for the shoe, which will be delivered in October. Luckily, the pre-orders are not going for nearly the price of Vernon’s buddy’s shoes. Related: If you like pictures of cats cuddling with sneakers, then Keep’s current homepage is not to be missed.

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  1. i think he should also design a a beard trimmer call the solemn woods beard trimmer, while you shave it says catchphrases discouraging you from shaving, such as

    “come on you have a skinny beard, you just shaved last year”

    “I told you to be patient
    I told you to be fine
    I told you to be balanced
    I told you to be kind
    Now all your beard is wasted?
    Then who the hell was I?”

  2. Now let’s see Kanye and Justin collab on a shoe design

  3. Now. Let’s have a concert with Kanye and Bon Iver. Justin and the rest of Bon Iver wear Yeezy 2′s and Kanye wears the Bon Iver’s.

    kanye pls

  4. At long last, a pair of shoes that are an antonym for cool..

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, we just jumped the shark.

  6. I thought Justin just wondered about in the woods barefoot

  7. my favorite thing about these shoes is how terribly ugly they are.

  8. Is the cat included in the purchase?

  9. i hate cats

  10. never speak again

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