Cat Power - "Sun"

Chan Marshall hasn’t released a new Cat Power album since the 2008 covers collection Jukebox, but she’ll return to the game in September with the new LP Sun, an album that she recorded around the same time that she went through a bad breakup with the actor Giovanni Ribisi. The first single is “Ruin,” and it has unexpectedly Latin-tinged piano and a vocal way more sprightly than anything you’d expect to hear on a Cat Power breakup album. It’s a sharp, spacious, almost buoyant pop song about traveling the world, and we’ve got a download of it below, as well as the album’s tracklist.

01 “Cherokee”
02 “Sun”
03 “Ruin”
04 “3,6,9″
05 “Always On My Own”
06 “Real Life”
07 “Human Being”
08 “Manhattan”
09 “Silent Machine”
10 “Nothin But Time”
11 “Peace And Love”
(via Pitchfork)

Sun is out 9/4 on Matador.

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  1. i love cat power, so excited

  2. I didn’t realise she was dating “that weird guy” from so many things.

    • Seriously thought the same exact thing. She’s such a gorgeous woman. When I saw the name “Giovanni” I was expecting an Italian Ryan Gosling, not Mr. Creepy.

      • Dude, is an awesome actor, and he is married to Beck…Rather his twin sister is married to Beck and he participated in Beck’s Record Club session for the Velvet Underground and Nico. Despite what anyone says about his looks, I’m pretty sure Beck is attracted to him…so he wins?

        • But aren’t these Scientology guys all sucking each other’s dicks as a rule or something anyway?

          • ZING! I wonder if Paul Thomas Anderson will touch on that aspect of the reli…cult in the Master. On the subject of movies and Ribisi, anytime there is mention of him, the word “Unobtanium” gets stuck in my head. That might be why Beck is attracted to him. It is human nature to want what we can’t have. Now, Natalie Portman is stuck in my head. I’m getting off (at) work to watch Black Swan, knowhatimean? Sorry, that escalated quickly…(haha)

  3. Phoebe’s brother!

  4. Eh, it’s not the greatest…

  5. I like the message of the song & the fact that it doesn’t sound like any other Cat Power song (in terms of the music). I dig it.

  6. I just thought I’d post a link to this article…it’s good for not only fans, but aspiring musicians and it’s really personal. So, here you go:

  7. I don’t get the hype. The song sounds like another forgettable indie pop song.

  8. Beautiful album. I recommend her interview with BULLETT:

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