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EPISODE 3: "All Adventurous Women Do" Marnie's frustration with Charlie almost comes to a head when the artist Booth Johnathan comes on to her, and Hannah finds out that her college boyfriend, Elijah, is gay. In one of the series' most memorable scenes, they dance those frustrations out to Robyn's "Dancing On My Own."

It sputtered a bit out of the gate — though that widespread sentiment might be the result of the impossibly enormous expectations placed on Lena Dunham’s debut television series — Girls seemingly improved week-in, week-out. Its ten-episode first season concluded last night, so today we’ve picked the show’s best musical moments. While we’ll briefly acknowledge the lowpoints — Pitbull? — Dunham and music supervisors Manish Raval and Tom Wolfe mostly nailed the big scenes, and for an audience that was literally picking apart every decision. I think they did the subject matter — twenty-somethings “figuring it out” in Brooklyn — justice. In case you’re curious, HBO has posted the music choices from every episode online, too. Head up top to see the best eight, which definitely includes when the venture capitalist dude live-mashed Len. WARNING: If you haven’t watched last night’s finale, heads up — there are spoilers.

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  1. i would definitely put the scene with ‘i can change’ from episode three on this list

  2. There was a song by Girls(the band) in last nights episode during the wedding scene. I guess that was the most logical music moment from Girls(the show)

  3. What is this? No love for Lady-Yankin?

  4. I hate that I have to wait till next April to see season 2.

  5. I actually liked when they had super mainstream pop on the show.

    My personal favorites:

    - Marnie crying to Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper. That was a strangely emotional/real moment attached to such a cheesy and over the top song, it worked for that very reason.

    - The benefit for the missing girl including “Pretty Girl Rock” by Keri Hilson. That scene was hilarious to me if only because of the implication that the whole reason they chose to dance to that song was because Keri Hilson and Carrie (the missing girl) shared the same first name.

  6. YES!!! This show is absolutely great and really captures mid-twenties hipster music to a tee. I also just love the idea of “Heartbeats” at a party and the “Dancing on My Own” moment made me quite happy.

  7. I personally thought it was pretty hilarious that “212″ was playing right before Jessa was being Jessa (trying to avoid spoilers) during that last episode. Guess that cunts getting eatin indeed.

  8. No mention of Episode 7 – The Crackcident? It was the Party Episode!

    I made my sister rewind the episode after they dropped Ghostface Killah’s “The Champ” — Fishscale classic!!

    And I thought you were into hip-hop Mr. Goble…

  9. Girls: Sex never looked so disgusting.

  10. Biggest TV surprise of the last few years for me. I’m not a big tv watcher in general, don’t like the sitcom format at all and have a HUGE West Coast bias to, well, pretty much everything. But I LOVE this show.

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  12. Wait, ‘Steal My Sunshine’?

    Clearly, Bryan Ferry’s ‘Slave to Love’ deserves this more!

  13. the opener set to sleigh bells sticks out in my mind the most.


  15. Needs more Slayer.

  16. I like Robyn too much to have been pleased by the way her song was used in this show. It felt very contrived and opportunistic.

  17. really loved the last few scenes. the instrumental piece was perfect.

  18. This season always had great closing credits songs. Fleet Foxes’ “Montezuma” at the end of episode 6 was just beautiful.

  19. I do believe I heard Sister Nancy ‘Bam Bam’ in that last episode. Nothing better than that. This show started too strong. Series sorta lacked, though still entertaining, from about mid-point on. No?

  20. Can anyone tell me what the song was in season 2, episode 3, that Hannah and Elijah were singing and dancing to in the club? it’s killing me! thanks :)

  21. It’s Icona Pop – I Love It :)

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