Girl Talk Goes Track-By-Track Through Feed The Animals With MTV

Feed The Animals has been out for a week. Anyone who’s listened knows it’s worth paying for, regardless of philosophical, aesthetic, or knee-jerk thoughts on whether or not Gillis’s sampling process is transformative. We spoke briefly to Gillis and he mentioned that although the Feed Wiki’s pretty thorough, he’s including a more detailed list of source material with the physical release of the record. He also offers more details to MTV, who packed into his Pittsburgh apartment, where Gillis (and his headband) give a track-by-track tour through Feed: He mentions his favorite song, discusses the overall pace and composition, live vs. recorded Girl Talk, why he sampled of Montreal, his nod to the fake leak (“96 Tears”), the Beach Boys, and, of course, Soulja Boy.

“Play Your Part (Pt. 1),” “Shut the Club Down,” “Still Here,” “What It’s All About”

“Set It Off,” “No Pause,” “Like This”

“Give Me a Beat,” “Hands in the Air,” “In Step,” “Let Me See You”

“Here’s the Thing,” “Don’t Stop,” “Play Your Part (Pt. 2)”

You can read a bit more about the day and watch Gregg talk about buying $500 worth of Taco Bell for a hometown crowd here.

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