Fiona Apple on Jimmy Fallon 6/18/12

During the infamous 1999 Roseland show where Fiona Apple melted down onstage, her two opening acts were Jimmy Fallon and Jurassic 5, which is a weird thing to think about. And on last night’s episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Fallon and Apple shared a stage again for the first time since, with Apple making her first TV appearance since a 2006 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Fallon actually did a quick interview with Fallon before her performances where they talked about the incident.

She also performed “Anything We Want,” a highlight from her ridiculously great new album The Idler Wheel…, with her old friends the Roots backing her up and fearlessly taking on the song’s tricky percussion. And as an online bonus, she also celebrated Paul McCartney’s 70th birthday by covering McCartney & Wings’ “Let Me Roll It,” with Fallon himself adding some backing vocals. Late-night TV performances don’t get much better than this, and her half-hug with Fallon at the end of the show is just the best thing. Watch the interview and both performances below.

(via the Audio Perv)

The Idler Wheel… is out now on Epic; stream it here. And Fallon, it should be noted, also had Joan Rivers and CM Punk on the show last night. Big night for him.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Never realized how much she and Lizzy Caplan looked alike.

  2. wow she does look like caplan, a little older tho.

  3. She’s really something.

  4. That is one of the greatest late night performances I’ve ever seen.

    Love that song and The Roots complement it perfectly.

    • Maybe one of the greatest late night performances and interview segments as well.

      What is funny about people the world over going apeshit over seeing her play live is that her show in my current neck of the woods that I’m going to this weekend had to be downgraded to a smaller venue because of low ticket sales. I know, it’s nuts right? That’s just how it works where I come from (I refuse to call this place “home”) — You can put on a show with the best musicians, and no one will come out. Whatever, my gain — I’ll be front row.

  5. beautiful.

  6. If you show me your fanny pack…

  7. That was a stellar performance. Her peculiarness definitely added something to it

  8. Spectacular. Fallon and the Roots look like they have a blast every single night, and this was no exception!

  9. “happy birthday, Paul McCartney. I LOVE you!” I love how the inflection in her voice on that. So genuine and hilarious.

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