There could not have been a more apt ID3 than that of Freelance Hellraiser’s “Stroke Of Genius,” the MP3 that launched this decade’s most fitting musical legacy. Parts of two or three or thirty tracks mixed into one supersong? What better than mashups to soundtrack a generation of smartphone-wielding Adderall chompers coming of age in a world where all music is free. In the years since Freelance Hellraiser (and 2 Many DJs, Go Home Productions, DJ Earworm, Party Ben, et al) raised the bar for bastard pop, we’ve seen bootlegging go mainstream in the hands of Girl Talk and Danger Mouse, not to mention 2004′s chart-topping Collision Course and the dozen questionable Jigga x [rock band] torrents in its wake. This year, bands like Passion Pit and Phoenix distributed stems of their hits as blogbaiting publicity stunts. (It worked!) Still, when it comes to remixes, few are more thrilling than hearing the vocals of one song over the instrumental of another and have it absolutely work. Which is why we’ve again collaborated with our favorite mashup artist, Australian producer Neil Mason aka team9, to mix our favorite tracks of 2009 with familiar oldies, creating something more than the sum of their parts. The process — Stereogum acquiring exclusive audio and making playlists, Neil working his ACID Pro magic (i.e., the hard part) — started months ago, with an eye on this holiday deadline. It’s our fourth annual Christmas present to you, and we think it’s the best MySplice yet. Enjoy…

(by Camille Heron; click for larger version)



Australian-based producer Neil Mason has been releasing music under the team9 name for over a decade. His outstanding mashups first came on our radar in 2004. In 2005, he teamed with Party Ben on the infamous American Edit. Since then Stereogum & team9 have collaborated remotely as often as possible. MySplice was launched in December ’06. In 2007, using new alias Found Sound Orchestra, Neil was commissioned by Stereogum to create background music to David Cross’s “Fitter Happier” cover on OKX: A Tribute To OK Computer. MySplice Vols 2 and 3 followed. Meanwhile Neil’s remained as busy as ever down in Oz, most notably releasing Found Sound Orchestra’s sampledelic debut album Memorabilica. It’s available for free download at and is heavily influenced by The Avalanches, Quiet Village, Air France, etc. You can also download Stereogum & team9′s vintage MySplices by clicking on the album covers below.

Happy Holidays! See you next week.

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  1. Due  |   Posted on Dec 24th, 2009 0

    nicely done, S-gum and Team9.

  2. I forgot to mention, this is the best mashup of 2009:
    Hard to compete w/ that.

  3. I really like the Taylor Swift vs U2 one.

  4. tommy  |   Posted on Dec 24th, 2009 0

    the phoenix/cure one is excellent, as is the my neon indian/pixies one.

    but my lord: that u2/taylor swift mashup shouldnt be as good as it is. im giving up all of my indie cred saying that, but it sounds perfect.

    • Taylor Swift put out some great singles this year. (I also happen to think she is winningly wholesome and adorable.) Point is: there’s no such thing as guilty pleasures. Like what you like!

      Back to Taylor, though: as far as A-list celebrities go, she’s robotically unflappable. It’s sort of fascinating.

  5. It’s finally here! Just in time for the holidays.

  6. coop  |   Posted on Dec 24th, 2009 0

    christmas came early

  7. Marko  |   Posted on Dec 24th, 2009 0

    I must have missed all the Taylor Swift Stereogum posts this year…

  8. Awww yeah, loving the Neon Indian vs Pixies! Happy Holidays everyone!

  9. Holy crap, that cover art is amazing.
    All compliments to Camille Heron.

  10. Wow to that cover art. Everything about this is awesome! Missy’s Girls on repeat.

  11. Taylor  |   Posted on Dec 24th, 2009 0

    If all of taylor swifts music sounded more like that mashup…i might listen to it.

    Props stereogum

  12. Highlands  |   Posted on Dec 24th, 2009 0

    Ya know what this room needs?…A Donald Duck poster with neon boarders…

  13. nice treat! crystalized in the sky is my favorite…still don’t like that black eyed peas song.

  14. janet  |   Posted on Dec 24th, 2009 0

    Haha, this is great. I love the xx and t. swift remixes.

  15. ‘chilled monkey’ is cool as hell; ‘without a love story’ brought together two artists i don’t generally enjoy to make a pretty decent tune. thanks!

  16. Wasn’t there a contest in past years to decide the album art?

  17. Talk about an early Christmas present. I’m fairly new to the ‘Gums so this is my first year seeing this posting, but I just went back and downloaded all the previous year’s albums. Suddenly I know exactly what I’ll be playing at my upcoming new year’s party. Awesome stuff.

  18. knikkink  |   Posted on Dec 24th, 2009 0

    This is an amazing present. Thank you.

  19. Did a brief email interview with team9 @ Mashuptown which gives some info as to where/how he got started. Worth checking out for anyone not too familiar with him.

    As with the past three years, this is a tremendous mix – congrats Neil – very well done!!!

  20. radiohead  |   Posted on Dec 25th, 2009 0

    Stereogum has a knack for mashups with music we indie hipsters wouldnt necessarily go for at first. last years katy Perry song mashed with that genious guitar riff off the Albert Hammond solo record was the best song of MySplice 3. The u2/Taylor Swift mashup continues said tradition. This is indeed as someone said, a perfect song. I love the sort of fading in and out of Taylors voice in parts, and the instrumentalism of the song is flat out brilliant. What a great tune.

  21. Holy mackerel. This is spectacular! Thank you Stereogum!

  22. Does anybody have a list of what songs are being mashed up in each track?

  23. Dapper Kid  |   Posted on Dec 25th, 2009 0

    I’ve listened to mash ups in the past but these are something special – chord progressions, lyrical themes and feel good factors are all there. Especially love Yacht and Lykke and Pina Horchata. Excellent work all round. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  24. great list!
    thanks for the fantastic xmas gift! that alan parsons project blends in with much ease…very nice work indeed to team9 and stereogum!

  25. donnywahls  |   Posted on Dec 26th, 2009 0

    seriously – whoever said it above is completely right – if taylor swifts music all sounded like that mashup i’d be a serious fan. also, the cure and phoenix track was pretty clever.

  26. scroby  |   Posted on Dec 26th, 2009 0

    Best mysplice of all time is Cold War Fiasco from 2006 but Cross Eyed People is a close number 2

  27. Phoenix got Cured. And it was beautiful.

  28. zentezza  |   Posted on Dec 26th, 2009 0

    Along with Go Home Productions, Neil from team9 has been one of my favourite mashup artists (ever). Also, team9 is a brilliant remixer and recording artist in his own right. If newbies to his stereogum work are impressed, they should check out the mp3s available on the team9 website. His remix of Bat For Lashes’ “Pearl’s Dream” is a stunner. x

  29. Brian Eno needs to produce for Taylor Swift.

  30. very cool compilation again, massive congratz to you both

  31. Pina Horchata. A mix of two of my favorite songs and drinks… I wonder how well those drinks would taste mixed…

  32. gaby  |   Posted on Dec 28th, 2009 0

    i love misplice mixes…still listening to ’08 one sometimes. awesome one this year!

  33. MySplice ’06 is the reason I’m here.

  34. Thanks for all the great comments – much appreciated. I had no idea that Taylor Swift would be so popular……now , where did I put that Hannah Montana acapella?

  35. Let’s be honest. That Taylor Swift/U2 mashup is really good. but it has less to do with Taylor Swift than it does the fact that “With or Without You” is an amazing song. That is argueably the best intro guitar and bass this side of The Wrens “Happy”. You could probably have anyone sing anything over top of it and it would make people stop and listen.

  36. shocktart  |   Posted on Dec 29th, 2009 0

    I literally cannot stop listening to the U2/TSwift song. And I’m a 24 year old straight man. What’s wrong here guys?

  37. chloe  |   Posted on Dec 30th, 2009 0

    Am absolutely obsessed with the Taylor/U2 mash like everyone else – it’s a genius piece of work. Love 22 Nights w/ Lily as well. I’m also really happy to have discovered the Lykke Li/Cyndi song from ’08 – they fit together perfectly!

  38. Damon  |   Posted on Dec 31st, 2009 0

    I agree, Taylor Swift/U2 is fantastic.

  39. pinbacker  |   Posted on Jan 2nd, 2010 0

    The “surprise gift” is epic.

  40. Yay for Team 9 and Mysplice. And VERY nice blurb about mashups, by Stereogum.

    More free music! The Best of Bootie 2009 album is out. It’s our annual ‘best of the year’ mashups as selected by Bootie, the world’s biggest mashup party. Full mixtape +bonus tracks and video. Get it here:

  41. Nice job on the mashups. Not to detract from Team 9 at all because he’s really good, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to pretty much everything The Hood Internet has done.

    I’m not saying that as some crazy promoter or anything, just a fan. You guys HAVE to check them out. Not just anybody can make every song they touch sound better than the original. Especially if you imagine Dizzee Rascal with Cyndi Lauper…. They’re seriously just EPIC. I’m going to see them play for the 2nd time in 2 months tomorrow :)

    This is INSANE right here: Kanye West, 1985 Bears, and Wilco….WTF! But it sounds so natural?!

  42. This has made my year! Most amazing beyond amazing mashup to ever exist!
    I have an unhealthy there an app for that?

  43. Meehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….I really like Team 9 and I’ve been into mashies since 03, been a member of GYBO and tried my hand at making them and now DJ them (tho less than I like because I get too many punter complaints) so give Team 9 big ups for using ACID and not Audio Mulch and Adobe Audition* like GT since I gave up while using ACID because you can’t just throw things of an approximate BPM together and time stretch the difference with ease like Greg does….that said I find this year’s MySplice quite snorlax…
    I don’t mean it’s badly produced…I’ve got it on repeat and it’s literally making me tired and want to go sleepy byes…there’s some good songs on there-Tighlight in the Afterlife, Crystalised In The Sky and Without a Love Story are superb but I can’t play them out while DJing…I can maybe play Cross Eyed People or 22 Nights With Lily and maybe maybe Without a Love Story for the irony/LOLs but DJ Sega’s “Kanye vs Taylor” is better for that…there’s also some plain awful ones on there-there is never an excuse to listen to Michael McDonald that’s truly valid and Chilled Monkey is the first mashup to make two songs I really love into something that I litterally can’t listen to without cringing…

    Sorry Team9, love you and your past work but this aint anywhere near your best stuff and if you wanted to have a rest this year you should told Stereogum to give Dunproofin or Celebrity Murder Party or RIAA or any of a dozen other producers/production teams that coulda gladly done something interesting for the international recognition this gets…

    *(I think-haven’t got the article on me where he states what he uses and admits he just throws tracks into the software and sees what’s got a similar BPM and squishes em together without any irony or underlying meaning meant for the finished collage)

  44. Dave  |   Posted on Jan 26th, 2010 0

    This is fab. Love it love it. I actually really like the ‘Grizzly Feeling’ track. There’s an extra backing to it though which I can’t place. Sounds a bit like Mylo or Daft Punk? Anyone?

    Great stuff and keep up the good work.

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  48. i want to hate “cross eyed people” so much, but i can’t because i love empire of the sun. honestly though the black eyed peas, really? they are everything that is wrong with this world.

  49. Suddenly I know exactly what I’ll be playing at my upcoming new year’s party. Awesome stuff
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    ogame oyun oyna

  50. dang tim hieu

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