The Beach Boys - "That's Why God Made The Radio" Video

The reunited Beach Boys’ video for their comeback single “That’s Why God Made The Radio” looks exactly the way you’d expect a record label-masterminded Beach Boys video to look like in 2012: Instagram-style footage of various attractive young white people enjoying California sunshine, with the elderly Boys only showing up at the very end, to dole out high-fives. John Stamos, sadly, does not appear. Watch it below.

That’s Why God Made The Radio is out now on Capitol.

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  1. This makes me sad. The song is so derivative of what they used to be that it cheapens their past. And the nostalgic video footage is so forced; it looks like a commercial. I’m sad.

  2. Orthopedic shoes at 2:48?

  3. I geeked out at the sight of the “Love You” album.

  4. This is VINTAGE Beach Boys! I think it’s terrific these fellows are able to re-unite after so many years and put aside their differences. This video put a smile on my face when I saw it for the first time! Brian Wilson is a musical genius! You all sound so good…it’s just like 1962! Pease, don’t EVER stop making music!

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