Divine Fits - "My Love Is Real"

Here’s the first single from the Britt Daniel/Dan Boeckner/Sam Brown supergroup Divine Fits, a Boeckner-fronted electro-pop track called “My Love Is Real,” a snippet of which we heard in that trailer the group posted in late May. Stream it for the cost of a “Like” on Facebook (UPDATE: Or stream below.) The single is out 7/31 on Merge and it will also contain the b-side “I Was Born in a Laundromat.”

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  1. thnk u bsdgd

  2. catchy enough, and certainly keeps me interested, but I would have liked for ‘more’ to happen, as it were; it kinda exists in the same lane for the entire song. Also, I hope Britt has some time to shine on the record, whenever that comes out.

  3. So, Handsome Furs didn’t break up?

  4. Yeah, I was hoping Britt would be doing the vocals. I’s okay but another Spoon album would be, um, better.

  5. Fuck them for making me “like” them on Facebook so I can hear their song.

    • You know you can “Unlike” them after you hear the song, right?

      • I’m a little bothered by it too. And off course you can unlike them after hearing the song. On the one hand, they’re a band and they’re trying to promote their “brand” and build some kind of fan base. That’s all right. Bands have to do things like this to make any money now. But that doesn’t detract from how it’s also a transparently cynical thing to do. Why should I publicly like your band when I’ve never heard a note of music from you? Still, I blame the current state of the music industry and consumption than the band itself.

        • It’s like, I think this is a really good idea, but it’s not really a good idea, you know? I’m all “Yeah guys, I love it!” But then I’m also sort of “Dudes, this sucks.” So on one hand I’m totally for this but then on the other I’m totally against it.

          • Except that’s not a fair characterization of what I said. I understand that bands have to do things like this to build a fan base, but this particular thing I wouldn’t do if I were in their place.

            But go on and be snide, I’m sure it suits you.

  6. I need someone to mash this up with Paula Abdul’s “My Love Is For Real” like, yesterday.

  7. I guess it’s a grower? Really, why would they choose such a limp thing as their lead single?

  8. That’s it? Sounds like half of a good song. I kept waiting for the ‘big’ part to kick in and then it just stopped.

  9. Cool…A new Depeche Mode song

  10. I don’t like the production- kind of lame synths. I hope Britt sings more on the album.

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