Watch Ben Gibbard's Marriage Equality PSA

Here’s Ben Gibbard’s PSA in support of Washington State’s Referendum 74, a piece of legislation that could make Washington the first state to defend marriage equality in a public vote. Watch it below.

Visit Music For Marriage for more info.

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  2. Although I’m indifferent about his music it’s good to see him taking a public stand on the issue. He seems like he’s a good guy.

  3. I hate this stupid wedge issue so much. I have a solution that could bury this annoying political football immediately…

    The state only recognizes civil unions, be they straight or gay. And then we leave it to private institutions to determine what constitutes “marriage.” There’s no reason that the state should force everyone to conform to one uniform definition of marriage when it has no business defining marriage anyway.

    It’s a matter of personal opinion what constitutes “marriage.” Hardcore religious zealots who oppose gay marriage are not going to convince Ben Gibbard to accept their definition of “marriage,” and likewise he will not convince them to accept his definition. So stop bickering with each other politically like a bunch of children.

    Here’s how the law should work: Any two consenting adults, regardless of their gender/sexuality, who want to enter into a legal contract with each other can have a civil union. Then THEY and their kinfolk–and no one else–can decide whether they want to call it a marriage or not.

  4. Ha, he’s not the best public speaker. But seriously, this is nice.

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