Radiohead Cancel Shows, Release Statement On Stage Collapse

Radiohead will cancel seven European shows in response to last weekend’s tragic stage collapse in Toronto. Their official statement, via Dead Air Space:

Hello everyone,

As you will probably have heard the roof over the stage collapsed at our show in Toronto killing crew member Scott Johnson and injuring three other crew members. The collapse also destroyed the light show – this show was unique and will take many weeks to replace. The collapse also caused serious damage to our backline, some elements of which are decades old and therefore hard to replace.

Whilst we all are dealing with the grief and shock ensuing from this terrible accident there are also many practical considerations to deal with & consequently we have to try and reschedule the following shows:

30 Roma Hippodrome Capanelle

1 Firenze Parco delle Cascine
3 Bologna Arena Parco Nord
4 Codroipo Villa Manin
6 Berlin Wuhlheide
7 Berlin Wuhlheide
9 St Triphon Carriere des Andonces

We aim to announce the new dates for these shows on Wednesday 27th of June and will also supply information on how to obtain refunds on tickets if you cannot come to the show on the new date.

We will start playing live again at Les Arenes Nimes, Bilbao BBK festival and Lisbon Optimus Alive festival.

We will make every effort to offer the fans the very best show possible under the circumstances – thanks for your understanding and support.

We’ll keep you posted next week when those shows are rescheduled.

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  1. Silly question – what does he mean when he says “backline?”

    • Can refer to anything from the cables that are used for their amps and go along the back of the stage. It most likely in this case refers to their instruments themselves though.

  2. I am a huge Radiohead fan. However, I think this statement is in poor taste. Someone freakin’ died and they’re whining about their equipment? Wtf?!

    • i see what you mean but they had to address both. that’s a lot of shows and lot of bummed out fans.

      • I understand. But would anyone have objected if they just said they had to cancel some shows to “deal with the aftermath of this tragedy”?

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        • Whining? They were just matter-of-factly explaining the nature of the situation and the “practical considerations [that they need] to deal with” in order to put the cancellations into context for their fans.

          This barely even require reading comprehension skills to see; they just about spell it right out:

          “The collapse also destroyed the light show” which throws a wrench into things because “this show was unique and will” (therefore; they’re not noting its uniqueness just to lament it; they’re doing so to set up the next point) “take many weeks to replace” (in other words, because of its uniqueness, they can’t just stop by Concert Equipment Mart and buy the shit off the shelves).

          “The collapse also caused serious damage to our backline,” which also throws a wrench into things because “some elements . . . are decades old and therefore hard to replace.”

    • I think you may have missed their previous post dedicated entirely to Scott Johnson, rest in peace. This post was made a few days later to clarify to the fans what happened, particularly those who had already paid for tickets.

      • Yes. Peoples’ failure to understand the complicated situation Radiohead are dealing with at the moment is disappointing. The Concerts and gear are very important as they have a whole year of shows to do still for thousands and thousands of people. Do these folks not deserve to know what the prospect of their concert is looking like now post-Toronto? Quit trying to be judgmental and above everybody and look at the facts of their situation, you will see things with much more clarity.

  3. You all can down-vote me all you want but as a Radiohead fan, I truly hope Jonny’s guitar is still in one piece. Yes, I said it.

    R.I.P. – Scott Johnson

  4. It just shows you how metal Radiohead is

  5. Not a siily question at all. The term backline used to refer just to audio amplification equipment that stands behind the band on stage, including amplifiers for guitars, bass guitars and keyboards. In the US, backline has expanded in recent years to include the instruments that the musicians play, from guitars aBackline equipment can be rented for touring or studio use. Many travelling musicians prefer not to carry their own backline across borders and continents for fear of damage or customs hassles, which makes renting backline equipment while on tour an attractive option.nd bass guitars, to keyboards and organs, to drum kits and various percussion instruments.

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