Yeasayer - "Longevity"

Exactly one week ago, Yeasayer dropped a Yoshi Sodeoka-created vignette for summer jam candidateHenrietta.” Now we have another of Yoshi’s trippy visualizations, for the forthcoming Fragrant World LP’s “Longevity.” Yeasayer made this record at the studio operated by Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin, and the proprietor’s spirit seemingly seeped into the tone and tenor of “Longevity”’s sluggish, syncopated synths; it’s off-balance yet locked in, interestingly affected and nicely mixed. Very good, also. Hear it here, paired with Sodeoka’s morphing visual, or download it for an email below:

Fragrant World is out 8/21 via Secretly Canadian.

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  1. This isn’t nearly as dynamic and interesting as “Henrietta”. The vocal oscillation in the beginning is super boring, shit should change between minors and majors instead of all major roots. Slightweight disapointed

    • I am confused… you’re saying this should have vacillated between major and minor keys? Or that the entire thing should have been in a minor key? Or should have just had a different tonality?

      • I feel like the vocal should alternate major and minor with the chords it sits sonically in front of, whish is actually the way the melody on the vocal would sound if it hadn’t been run through a transformer an stuff. His voice natural vocal qualities lend themselves exceptionally well to pop, but that gets buried in production. If you listen to live recordings of All Our Cymbals you really hear how the studio stripped the humanity out of songs like no need to worry. This is purely my opinion though.

  2. well I guess I can give up hope that Yeasayer will ever make songs more like “Wait for the Summer” again.
    nothing against this new direction, but its just not for me.

  3. Just checked this from Facebook. Don’t tell me what’s good.

    Oh, this is good!

  4. I kinda thought it was boring for Yeasayer until the strings.

  5. Great summer song. “Chill” for those warm dusks. I like it.

  6. this shit has got legs like a daddy long legs n shit.

  7. this is the trippiest Backstreet Boys song i’ve ever heard.

    oh, and i mean that in a good way.

  8. Yeasayer are becoming predictable relating to their albums in this sense…30% of it will be standard Beatles infused likeable indie pop, 30% will be complete throwaways, 30% will be mind blowing genius that make you think they have the ability to create sounds no one can conjure up, and lastly, there’s the remaining 10% which is this track. A head scratching interlude that’ll sit right between a really good song and one of those throwaways. Either way, I’ll DL it.

  9. This sort of minimalism sounds good on them.

  10. This is as shitty as their last album. And I don’t care about them “discovering new sounds” or “getting trippy” or “vocal oscillation” if the song is crap. Can’t believe these guys (well not exactly the same line-up) recorded All Hour Cymbals, which was the most exciting folk-rock album of the 2000s. /whiningbitchbutImright

  11. Forget trying to sound interesting Yeasayer, and just pump out an album filled with pop singles like “O.N.E.” That’s the only thing you’re good at.

  12. Their remix work over the last year or so (Florence + the Machine, Cold War Kids, Moby, etc) indicated an almost blind eye as to who they were aligning themselves with. In the words of Frank Zappa, “We’re in it for the money”. This has also been one of their laziest videos.

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