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Last week we asked you to shortlist the Indie Song Of The Summer for 2012. You delivered with hundreds of suggestions (and upvotes/downvotes). So now that it’s officially summer, and we’ve got sun in our teeth and hair, we’re going to put those nominees to an official vote. What’s the track that should define this season’s BBQs, beach outings, and sticky subway rides? Or, as Amrit put it, “the indie banger to canonize as the representative soundtrack for your summer of looseness and bad decisions”? This year, we’ve got ten strong contenders. Make your pick in our poll below by 6/29, and we’ll announce the winner before Independence Day. You only get one vote, so make it count.

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  1. jj’s “High Summer” should be a write-in.

  2. You took Animal Collective out? Outrage! I choose to vote for indifference. My summer jam will forever be .

  3. No Pyramids by Frank Ocean!? FOR SHAME

  4. steal my sunshine, just like it is every summer

    • Well now I know what I’m gonna listen to for the rest of the day.

    • There’s a shop I go into every morning on my way to work and I swear that they’ve been playing this every other day over the last month along with “Sing It Back” by Moloko. Not sure if it’s just terribly small playlists on local Scottish radio stations or just that they have a tape they can’t get out the machine but it’s like the summer of ’99 all over again and I can’t deny that it has been consistently bringing a smile to my face for the brief moments before I realise I’m on my way to work…

    • I Len that album to a friend but never got it back.

  5. Choose wisely, Stereogummers. Whatever wins will be playing on a loop in my opium den this summer.

  6. I think that, despite supposed lack of so-called “quality songwriting”, Best Coast is the sort of band that will define the summer forever.

  7. Ummmm, Pumped Up Kicks??

    Seriously tho, where is “The Full Retard”?

  8. What about “California Gurls” by Katy Perry?

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  10. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • Alt-J is too good for Stereogum, they are way above most readers heads imo.

      • When you read something like this, you know it can’t be that great.

        (I like Alt-J, but seriously. They’re decent indie-pop.)

        • Oh, I didn’t even realize they were a known band. I thought this was spam for some no namers. I apologize to any Alt-J fans I may have offended.

          • Haha, they’re decent and are getting fairly popular here in the UK, but have a look at the band’s annotations on that Soundcloud and you can see the sort of faux-intellectual mood they’re going for that made me take that comment seriously.

    • Whooah, first time I’ve actually discovered good music from what i thought was spam… weird

  11. besides the listed pre-consideration, i’ll take the credit for getting “this summer” nominated, since no other reader suggested it

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  13. major lazer – get free!

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  15. Why Night & Day by Hot Chip? it’s a good one but I saw a lot of people talking about “Flutes” and “Motion Sickness”

    • Flutes was by far the favorite in the comments, and I think it was the highest voted song recommendation in general. So that should have been here, I think. Nonetheless, Night & Day will still get my vote here.

      • really confused that night and day got the nod above flutes… the latter’s been my jam for the past few weeks. not song of the summer (thank you japandoids), but still one of my favorite tracks of the year.

      • Ok, now I feel bad that HC’s “Night and Day” was preferred instead of “Flutes” (obviously the more popular track) since the first one was my suggestion.

        • Don’t sweat it, bagley. Night and Day is the lead single from the new LP and a dope track. I hope Flutes is next though (with remixes by Todd Edwards, Tiger & Woods, and John Talabot, maybe?).

    • All this talk is getting me down

  16. This list is missing “Grown Up” by Danny Brown. For shame.

  17. I vote to play them all simultaneously, which, by the way, is completely possible — and mind-jarring — with this setup.

  18. the walkmen – heaven by a hundred miles…it’s not even a fair race.

  19. I had to go with “The House that Heaven Built” because, well, it’s just amazeballs. But shout out to “I Love It,” too. Charli XCX just knows how to write a pop song.

  20. Best new song and video of this summer is def Wildlife Control – Analog or Digital. I don’t understand, how is this not on here?!?!?

  21. It’s DIIV’s “How Long Did You Know” for me.

  22. Ok Cupid- Kitty Pryde!! #Winner

  23. Seriously, did “Summer Days, Summer Nights” from Grand Hotel by The Explorers Club not make the final list? (Must have ranked No. 11.)

  24. You’re missing “Hot Problems” by Double Take!

  25. Guys, its no coincidence why Purity Ring released “Fineshrine” on the day of the summer solstice. Put ‘em on that list.

  26. Seriously, though My Surfing Lucifer from Crocodiles has a really cool summer vibe to it. But so does most Crocodiles stuff.

  27. Is the image really supposed to say “VOTE FOR THE INDIE OF THE SUMMER 2012″ or did you forget the word “song” in there?

  28. Kanye West – Mercy

  29. I’m really surprised Beach House didn’t make the cut, and no Purity Ring? Guess I’ll have to go with The Walkmen.

  30. No Beach House? Come on!!!

    • Yeah, I wasn’t going to vote for them, but they definitely deserved to be on the list. They had four mentions on the thread. Best Coast only had three, and Passion Pit only had two.

      • Actually, Lazuli got a couple mentions in addition to that.

        • Thanks for confirming that the omission of Beach House is pretty weird, because it seemed like they had a lot of mentions to me.

          That being said, Beach House’s “Lazuli” is my write in…

          • Upvotes were also taken into equation; I thought that might explain the omission, but I just looked into it, and nope.

            Best Coast got 4 upvotes. Beach House got 12+ (hard to count because some of the votes were for posts that mentioned other artists and songs as well, but a single post for Lazuli got 5 votes, so that alone beats out Best Coast).

  31. Hot Chip and Passion Pit are on big labels. So why doesn’t Carly Rae Jepsen count?

  32. Call Me Maybe?? Missing again???

  33. Tomorrow- Niki & the Dove (opening for Twin Shadow this Fall in the US), and not covered on Stereogum del Rey

  34. BIG


    Seriously, why no write-ins?

  35. RIPPED

  36. Constructive Summer.

    Every summer.

  37. Where is The Full Retard, or Big Beast, there were some much better songs to showcase the summer, than some of the ones picked

  38. ahhhh man, where the funk is the love matthew dear’s her fantasy? that’s a goddamn summer jam.

  39. Disparate Youth – Santigold!

  40. My personal summer-song, besides “Henrietta” and the whole Hot Chip album:

  41. house that heaven built, yep

  42. no frank ocean/ no el-p 0__o

  43. #1 walkmen #2 japandroids #3 tanlines

  44. My summer song will forever be We All Have Hooks For Hands- “Girls”

  45. Alt-J. Alt-J. Alt-J. Get it Stereogum? Do an article, an essay, a sentence about this band!

  46. where the hell is climax, you dogs.

  47. Truly believe you should’ve included something by @ViceroyOfficial #summertimeallthetime

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