Matt & Kim - Let's Go

Last week, Matt & Kim teased a new single and today they’re back with the whole thing, and yeah, they’re sticking with the basketball theme. The track is called “Let’s Go,” a hook-heavy thing which you can hear at Soundcloud or down below thanks to a video that the duo made to accompany the track, a clip focusing on the showmanship of PG County ballhanding virtuoso Pat The Roc. Colin Devin Moore directs. Watch it below.

“Let’s Go” is out now on iTunes. The band’s new album, Lightning, is out soon.

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  1. This music video was successful in ensuring that i payed literally no attention to the song in the background.

  2. Matt & Kim-sanity!

  3. This is the best hipster/basketball collab since Justin Vernon’s basketball shoe design, the Bon IvAirs.

  4. There’s something about that fan in the corner that kept catching my eye

  5. What did I just watch?

  6. Catchy as BALLS.

    I’m going to go drink bleach now.

  7. This sounds like someone took a shit in a pile of Pop Rocks.

  8. sounds exactly like a foster the people song, helena beat i believe

  9. Like OK Go, this band has reaffirmed with each music video that they are all style, no substance. It’s as boring as watching a man dribble for 3 minutes.

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