Jens Lekman - "Erica America" Video

“Summer is exhausting me with its exhaust fumes and empty promises.” Jens Lekman’s new album is called I Know What Love Isn’t, and its first single “Erica America” is true to that title: meet Jens 2K12, an elegant and articulate bummed-out human. When Lekman showed showed up at Williamsburg’s McCarren Park for his Northside set two Saturdays ago, he had a shaved head under a baseball cap. This one-shot video for lead single “Erica America” has Lekman’s bald dome bared, with him in a depressed man’s cardigan (remember when he and the band were all blaring white outfits?), and in a drab building, broken up by some moments of warm lighting orchestrated by director Marcus Söderlund. Not a Song Of Summer candidate, unless you are a heartbroken person looking for a songwriter to feel your pain. If so, this video is particularly for you:

(via SPIN)

I Know What Love Isn’t is out 9/4 via Secretly Canadian.

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  1. I really enjoyed An Argument With Myself. I hope the newest album includes some tracks in the upbeat spirit of that ep or the gradiosity of Night Falls Over Kortedala.

  2. Jens Lekman looks like a cross between Paul Bettany and Powder.

  3. This is a beautiful song. That walk-down with the ride cymbal is such a perfect little touch.

  4. I so want this album to be good, but I’m afraid it won’t be. Jens has to be really careful not to fall into easy listening/adult-contempo. especially with touches like that sax solo.

  5. Well, if he dies soon (hopefully never!) John Malkovich would be a great candidate for the bio-pic. Unfortunately, I love Jens’ older material and this is just starting to border on lazy/boring. I don’t know…I feel like he may have just set a higher standard for himself too early in his career.

  6. Dang, people are being mean to Jens. I might be the exception, but I like both the song and the new look.

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