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Last week we heard “Ruin,” a strikingly upbeat number from Cat Power’s new album Sun. Today, NPR’s All Songs Considered debuted another track, the album opener “Cherokee.” It’s a percussive, uptempo beauty that bounces Chan Marshall’s vocals off of each other. Hear it at NPR; it happens at about 17:00 into the program. Sun is out 9/4 on Matador.

UPDATE: Here’s the MP3…

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  1. OK, song. Kinda sounds like an indie artist’s idea of chart music.

  2. “I’m pretty sure its going to be a cat fight between her and Fionna for best crazy person piano player album of the year ” – Bill Stokes

  3. From the interview “this maybe her best record ever” if that’s not hyperbole I don’t know what is. What I’ve heard so far has been less than impressive.

  4. 2012′s already seen plenty of great albums so far. I think this one is gonna be one of them.

  5. It seems that Cat Power and Animal Collective, already staples of critics’ year-end best of lists, are now gunning for coveted spots in year-end worst album cover lists. While Animal Collective went for the future-font bizarro Rocky Horror lips with blurry picture route, Cat Power has boldly stepped up and offered a pixely photo with superfluous rainbow look. These artists are not afraid to take chances, folks.

  6. This song is not nearly as good as Ruin, but I’m still pretty excited to hear her new record… and it feels nice to be able to say that about Cat Power again.

    ALSO, what is up with the constantly redirecting us to NPR or Rolling Stone or whoever this week, Stereogum?

  7. They used gd Auto-Tune on Chan’s voice? ….blasphemy

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