WHY? - "Sod In The Seed"

A while back, we caught up with WHY?’s Yoni Wolf for Progress Report. Here’s Yoni on the new material:

STEREOGUM: What can you say about the vibe of it? Does it feel more upbeat than the last record?

YW: Yeah, I guess, probably more upbeat than Eskimo in a way. That record was a bit draggy. Eskimo had some good songs on it. It’s more wordy than Eskimo I would say. I don’t know — it’s more percussion heavy, tighter than Eskimo. What you might like about Eskimo I don’t know. It’s a looser record, you might like that, I don’t know. This one’s not like that, it’s pretty tight. It’s different.

Since then, the group have announced a new EP called Sod In The Seed. It’s out in August. Hear the title track, a bright-sounding, lyrically sharp track that showcases Yoni at the height of his powers, below.

Sod In The Seed is out 8/13 via Anticon in N. America/City Slang! in Europe.

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  1. “It scares me to death, yes, that I’m starting to not care.”

    Welcome back Yoni. We. Have. Missed. You.

    (Surprisingly, that EP cover makes sense after listening to the song.)

  2. Great stuff. I’ll eat up anything Yoni Wolf puts out. Songs like this make it easy.

  3. big Why? fan. found this one strangely off-putting at the start. sounds like Cake. hope repeat listens clear that up.

  4. Toss out that previous list! This is the song of the summer!

  5. I was gonna say excatly the same thing.

  6. I loved the Eskimo album.

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