Last week, the 86-song Olympics playlist curated by British director Danny Boyle leaked. Today, it was announced that Muse’s new song, “Survival,” will be the official song of the 2012 Games. According to a post on the band’s site, “Survival” was penned “with the Olympics in mind. It’s about total conviction and pure determination to win.” It totally sounds like that, actually. Well, that or the climactic moment from a rock opera about the masses rising up against a fascist regime in a dystopian future. Either way. Check it out.

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  1. This isn’t Blur.

  2. how can they have only one radiohead song on that list (and its creep of all songs) but TWO Oasis songs??

  3. It should really just be the Benny Hill theme. On loop.

  4. WTF happened to this band I once loved?!?

  5. I still don’t understand why they picked a logo for the London Olympics that looks like Lisa Simpson giving somebody a blowjob. Under UK law, as I understand it, a depiction of a fictional minor performing a sexual act is pretty bad stuff.

  6. July is going to be such a hassle.

  7. I’m tired of rock or metal or prog songs having great intros and then letting me down. I fall so hard…

  8. “Dear Matthew Bellamy,

    We were really big fans of that song you had in Twilight, so we want you to write a song for the London 2012 Olympics that will clearly and exceptionally convey the visual impact of our logo. Godspeed old chaps.

    The International Olympic Committee”

  9. I’ll enjoy playing this on guitar hero..

  10. Used to love these guys, but this song is just a disaster. Whatever happened to Bellamy’s haunting lyrics? We’re left with “Race, its a race, I’m gonna win, yes I’m gonna win”?

  11. seriously wtf was that?

  12. I used to like Muse, but good god, I couldn’t even finish that.

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