The Gaslight Anthem on Letterman

Last night, Jersey bashers the Gaslight Anthem showed up on the Late Show With David Letterman, chugging their way through the new single “45,” a song that gets better every time I hear it. And they also did an hour-long Live From Letterman webcast, including at least one brand-new, unheard song in their set. Check out the on-air performance and the full Live On Letterman webcast below.

The band’s new album Handwritten is out 7/24 on Mercury.

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  1. new song was “here comes your man”

    also note: delightful banter throughout by brian fallon

  2. I’m glad he shaved the scruffle off. He was looking kind of chub for a little while there, but it was really just the extra facial hair weight.

    • If I have to read another comment from you about someone looking fat I’m going to throw up in my mouth. Why don’t you go work out for 10 hours a week and leave everyone else alone.

      • sorry man, he’s right

        and he’s still kind of chubly

      • I don’t recall the last time I wrote about someone being “fat.” You must be confusing me with someone else on here, because I am definitely not the rude type of person to take jabs at anyone’s body weight or shape. That’s messed up.

        • Michael_ | Posted on Apr 19th

          Oof, that beardless chin — Looks like we knew where all the Bushmills perks are hanging around. Also, let’s be honest: All of our moms probably already had this CD before he appeared on Ellen.


          • Notice how both of these comments are actually about how facial hair makes people look better or worse, depending on your facial bone structure, though. So really, it’s not so much about a weight issue as it is about facial hair skewing the perspective of weight.

  3. Gaslight Anthem keeping blue collar Rock N Roll alive.

  4. Really liked that new song. Excited for Handwritten.

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