Cruel Summer 2012

It’s just about time to sign off and launch into a 36-hour salute to our country tis of thee, which means it is also the time of year during which to present you with this year’s Cruel Summer. It spans two volumes, just like 2010 and 2011’s editions of this popular heartbreak of a mixtape. These 24 songs are handpicked from the pool of this year’s finest freely available MP3s, and then lovingly selected and sequenced to soundtrack rooftop goodtimes and/or backyard BBQs and/or emotional breakdowns. Grab it for your 4th of July parties, or just as a keepsake of the year that’s been. Then play the fun game that we just did and dust off the previous editions to measure your life via mixtapes.

Download it below. It’s entirely free, just like AMERICA.

Direct links:
Cruel Summer 2012: Vol. 1
Cruel Summer 2012: Vol. 2


Cruel Summer 2012: Vol. 1
01 Diplo – “Express Yourself” (Feat. Nicky Da B)
02 Death Grips – “Get Got”
03 A$AP Rocky – “Goldie”
04 Bear In Heaven – “The Reflection Of You”
05 Twin Shadow – “Five Seconds”
06 Delicate Steve – “Afria Talks To You”
07 Physical Therapy – “Drone On” (Feat. Jamie Krasner)
08 d’Eon – “Now You Do”
09 Big Baby Gandhi – “Blue Magic” (Feat. Das Racist)
10 Sunny Ali & The Kid – “Chai”
11 Tanlines – “All Of Me”
12 Princeton – “Florida”

Cruel Summer 2012: Vol. 2
13 DIIV – “How Long Have You Known?”
14 Grimes – “Genesis”
15 Lower Dens – “Brains”
16 El-P – “The Full Retard”
17 Action Bronson – “Steve Wynn”
18 Evian Christ – “Thrown Like Jacks”
19 YVETTE – “Cold Sweat”
20 Cloud Nothings – “No Sentiment”
22 Yeasayer – “Henrietta”
22 Port St. Willow – “Amawalk”
23 Lemonade – “Neptune”
24 OMBRE – “Cara Falsa”

Happy 4th! Be safe out there, friends.

(via Videogum)

[Mixtake cover design by Jaci Sabbathi, photo by Rob Sheridan.]

Comments (33)
  1. Still have such great memories of listening to the 2010 edition. Gonna be playing this mix a lot, it seems.

  2. What a cute little dog.

  3. I really hope Stereogum traffic increases by people google searching GOOD music Cruel Summer mixtape.

  4. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  5. I barely see any punk or hardcore on here really (Cloud Nothings, if anything and YVETTE if you just want to go with “loud”) and to me, summer music is nothing without those genres.

  6. what? no Steal My Sunshine?

  7. Still don’t see Carly Rae-Jepsen anywhere…..Travesty….

  8. Hot Chip is not on this list, but that fucking terrible rap group death grips is on here. Good thing this website is just pitchfork’s stillborn twin that came out feet first

  9. You should also release this mix as a torrent – it would give the songs more exposure, make it easy for fans to share the file needed to get them, and still cost $0.

  10. some dece stuff, but most regurgitated from the last 6 months — my take on a summer mix

  11. y’all should thow a little of the new john frusciante on that mixtape. it’s got everything.

  12. Your first song is all about “Spread your legs?” FUCK YOU. Your music sucks and so do you. You can quote me on that.

    • What the fuck are you talking about? That Diplo song about dancing? Maybe there’s some double entendre but I don’t think the song is about rape, I think it’s about dancing.

  13. apologies; when your first song embodies misogyny to such a violent degree, I simply don’t think highly of what you are purveying, nor do I think highly of you. You can also quote me on that, as well.

    • A quick look at the song’s music video probably won’t change your mind.

      But note two things:
      1) The song is about ass-shaking. Nothing more sinister than that. Everyone in the video is shaking their ass. Telling women to shake their ass could be mysoginistic, but not “to a violent degree.”
      2) Look at the type of people who are shaking their ass. It’s not just sexy women, it’s also men and women who would never be deemed attractive by today’s standards. To me, this is a strong indicator that the point of this song isn’t sexual objectification in the least.

    • Hey, I used to ride the short bus with you. Small internet!

      Also, I disagree. Not my kind of track, but the objectification thing is a pretty thin argument. I love my girl for her mind, heart, and fine, fine, booty.

  14. mediocre mix

  15. Love this mixtape.

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