Blur - "Under The Westway" & "The Puritan"

As promised, Blur are kicking off the week with a pair of new songs, debuting live via Twitter. It’s the band’s first new material since the 2010 Record Store Day single “Fool’s Day.”

The first song of the day is “Under The Westway,” a pared-down version of which has been kicking around the interwebs since February, when it was performed by Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon at a Brit Awards War Child benefit show in London. It’s an aching Bowie-esque ballad with a huge melody. Stream it at RIGHT NOW.

After “Under The Westway,” stick around for a Twitter interview with the band. Then, Blur will perform “The Puritan” in just about an hour (at 2:15 EST). Both songs will be available for download on iTunes after the band’s performance. A limited edition double-A-side 7″ featuring both songs will be released on August 6; pre-order here.

UPDATE: The first time we heard “The Puritan” was in mid-June when it was performed by Damon Albarn at London’s Poetry Olympics. Even with just Damon and an acoustic guitar, the tune was pretty buoyant and upbeat, but as performed by Blur, it’s a totally rambunctious sing-along that brings back memories of the Britpop Trilogy.

Clearly — indisputably — the band is in fine form after nine goddamn years since their last album (and 13 years since their last album with Graham as a full-time member). Is it too much to hope for a new album? A U.S. tour? What if we beg?

Watch the lyric videos for both songs below.

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  2. I love it. It’s like Blur’s unofficial anti-Olympic lullaby for everyone who hated last week’s Muse song.

  3. I definitely would’ve loved to hear Graham Coxon’s distorted guitar break out in at least one of these tracks. That being said, these are strong songs and (i’m guessing) tossed off with relative ease.

  4. if they don’t continue making music together they are truly ball bags. blur tops any of their independent material, except Mr Dee OBVIOUSLY.

    use a beastie boys schedule. 1 every 5 years – i don’t give a fuck. make the album, tour (or not – don’t give a fuck) then damon can go and work on his shit for 4 years making more gorillaz (or not – don’t give fuck), graham can work on making his voice more feeble, and the other 2 can smoke or whatever I don’t give a shit boys let’s make this happen boys.


  5. so, no pun here (ie band is blur), i dunno who is behind this but it is good

  6. yes. this is… well i was going to say better than expected. but actually its exactly what I expected, and its great.

    there has to be an album coming, right? I mean, I know they already did Fool’s Day as a one-off single, but, c’mon…..

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