The History Of Rock In 100 Riffs

Here’s a video of Chicago Music Exchange’s Alex Chadwick performing 100 rock riffs in one continuous take, pretty much the rock and roll equivalent of the “Evolution Of Dance” video. Chris Weingarten beat me to this joke but apparently the history of rock ends with St. Vincent. Watch below.

A full, detailed list of the source riffs is here.

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  1. Was looking over the list and noticed an error:

    92. “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” – Jet

    He misspelled “Lust For Life” – Iggy Pop

  2. “apparently the history of rock ends with St. Vincent”

    I’m cool with that.

  3. Pictures of Matchstick Men….great song, but Camper von Beethoven.? How can you not give the credit to that song where it belongs, to Status Quo! Wish a Kinks or Yardbirds song could have been included, but man, that was some amazing guitar playing. Playing all those riffs would be hard enough, but remembering them all and playing them one after another……that was beyond incredible.

  4. as a guitar player, this is great

    as a fan of decent music, not so much.

  5. I’d love to know the pedal effects that Alex used on each track. This was really a lot of fun to watch. Thank you!

  6. Ummm…wasn’t 52 actually Eruption instead of Hot For Teacher?

  7. Riffs!!! Kudos on including Blood and Thunder. Love that one.
    I can’t help but feel he may have left something out.

  8. Sex Pistols? AMRITE?

  9. Is it wrong that some sick part of me wants to see the video where he got all the way to Santana’s “Smooth,” messed up because he got caught up in remembering how amazing Rob Thomas is as both a singer and songwriter, and then had to start back over again?

  10. Not a single Radiohead song? Did I miss something?

  11. AKA, a history of almost exclusively bro-approved rock.

    Also an awful of white entries into the early days for rock with Chuck Berry as the only black entry. Pretty ridiculous really.

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