We heard an acapella version of Kanye West’s/G.O.O.D. Music’s “New God Flow” on last night’s broadcast of the BET Awards, and earlier this evening the official version hit the Internet. It’s been a while since we’ve heard Pusha sound like this: he goes off and it’s most welcome. As for Kanye, well, his verse has already spawned thinkpieces. Hear “New God Flow” below and while we’re on the subject, watch Kanye’s erotic promo for Anja Rubik’s new fashion mag 25 at New York Magazine.

If that comes down you can stream at kanyewest.com.

G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer is out 8/7.

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  1. First “Mercy” and now “New God Flow”, I think its a big of mistake to wait until August for the release of Cruel Summer. GOOD Music could literally rule the summer if the album dropped sooner. Regardless, still hugely anticipated.

    • I think when Watch The Throne came out (8/8/11) Ye said to himself, “I’ll have another album out in one year.”

      Calculate for Leap Year’s and you got 8/7/12 as a release date. I’d say Cruel Summer will be right on time.

      As for “New God Flow”… I didn’t like “Mercy” when I first heard it but lord knows that changed QUICK with every subsequent listen (I now feel it’s one of the best songs of the year). Perhaps this will do the same. Pusha bring the heat on NGF.

    • I’m hoping Kim Kardashian will sing the chorus for one of his tracks, it’d be a huge hit. Her voice is SO good.

  2. Well, I suppose this is an improvement over Mercy and Theraflu, although that’s hardly a compliment…

    *Braces self for downvotes*

    • no clue what you are talking about with regards to mercy.

      mercy and new god flow are both truly awesome songs.


      • I guess I’m just alone in wishing that Kanye would stick to spitting lyrics with a little bit more substance.

        …But hey, if you thought the series of verses ending in “ass quake,” “ass state,” and “ass tray” were clever, feel free to ignore my comments and TURN UP THE BASS ‘TIL IT’S UP IN YOUR FACE LEVEL.

  3. this is devil’s dick heat – and that’s hot to the touch.

  4. what are these lyrics about? they seem really stupid…like what and why are you talking about this stuff, rappers? but i’m still pretty excited for watch the throne 2.

  5. really, no comments on the lame outro yet?

  6. wtf stereogum, u post this but u havent posted that new nas yet? yall slacking on yall macking, some real tony romo quarterbacking.


  8. Sounds like Kanye wrote his verse before listening to the beat.

  9. If Ghost gets on the remix I don’t even know what I’ll do. Have a party? I’ve had parties for much less worthy reasons.

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