Charli XCX - "You're The One"

Charli XCX’s sharp, stylish video for the synthpop banger “You’re The One” shows the young British singer, in a series of glammed-up outfits, dancing around a warehouse with her initial painted on the wall, often accompanied by a small mob of sinister-looking children. It’s a nice visual complement for the latest in a seriously strong string of singles. Dawn Shadforth directs; watch it below.

(via Pitchfork)

The You’re The One EP is out now on IAMSOUND.

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  1. Does she remind anyone of Sky Ferreira?

    • Funny you say that, because them two and Grimes are the new cover girls of V magazine.

      I love that brought up Sky Ferreira as well. “One” was such an under-appreciated and excellent pop song in 2010, one of my favs of the year in fact.

  2. I like the discordant pop element of Nuclear Seasons..

    But ugh, this song has potential… nothing wrong with a 90 degree swerve into a pop chorus and the chords are there, it’s just let down by the soaring All Saints style choral synth. It’s just a juxtaposition of styles that is too reminiscent of UK pop groups a decade ago. And just as you feel like you can give it the benefit of the doubt, in comes the spoken word outro.

    Maybe a remix will fix this? Strip back the soft synth and add some square-ish synth and percussion?

    Or maybe they just want to go “familiar” for radio airplay? Probably a better career move.

  3. I can’t stop staring at her boots.

  4. This is crap. How could anybody think otherwise? It’s not good pop. It’s not good synth pop. It’s not good dance music. It’s bland and wimpy and her vocals leave MUCH to be desired. It’s just crap.

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