Indie Song Of The Summer 2012 Winner

Last month we asked you to shortlist then vote for The Indie Song Of Summer 2012. You guys came through with thousands of votes for jams from Twin Shadow, Best Coast, and the Walkmen — because you have good taste — but your #1 choice handily beat those all. Now that it’s Independence Day (happy Independence Day, btw), the polls are closed and we’re ready to reveal the winner…

We’re not entirely certain why the soul of the city was laid to rest, or the nights were forgotten and left for dead, but we do know that gloriously meaningless words like those, when welded to an elemental guitar-build and barked through Brian King’s ragged larynx, take on more meaning than anyone could every explain. Japandroids’ “The House That Heaven Built” is what happens when two earnest dudes sit down and attempt to write an epic shit-ripper of a rock song — something equal parts Springsteen and Westerberg, something that betrays not the slightest hint of self-awareness — and actually, against all possible, odds, succeed. It is a ridiculous and beautiful thing, and it will now live out its inevitable destiny as something to be howled from open car windows while sprinting down highways all summer long.

Here’s how the voting broke down:

So tell us, aside from Japandroids — and Cruel Summer III — what’s on your party playlist tonight?

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  1. Nothing more American than Japandroids.


  3. YES! YES! YES!

  4. Japandroids do it to me every time.

  5. Love that song.

    Though the past couple of days have been a little more stressful than usual, so I’m going with some DIIV and Teen Daze today.

  6. nope it’s big beast

  7. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  8. Great choice(s), you guys!

    Unfortunately, this gets an asterisk as “Swing Lo Magellan” (the song) is clearly the summeriest summer song this summer.

  9. I can be ok with this.

  10. “We’re not entirely certain why the soul of the city was laid to rest, or the nights were forgotten and left for dead…”

    Party hard and forget about the past is what it means to me.

    Lemonade & DIIV are my go to swimming albums. I still haven’t stopped listening to WIXIW on loop; Liars have made another amazing album. Ty Segall Band is great, Fuzz War FTW.

    Also glad to see Twin Shadow ranked so high. “Five Seconds” is easily one of the best songs of the year. Damn near perfect.

    And Clams Casino Instrumentals. Always & Forever.

  11. Manufactured in Canada with parts from Japan distributed through the US?

  12. I thought for sure best coast had this one locked up

  13. I was lying on the grass on Sunday morning of last week…

  14. “…take on more meaning than anyone could every explain.”


  15. Japandroids might be Canadian. But those fuckers sound American.


  16. This was the most important vote I’ll make this year.

  17. Where’s Max Harrold? You know what time it is…

  18. Fuckin’ love that song.

  19. Mmmm I really enjoy the Japandroids song but I was pulling for Passion Pit’s “Take A Walk.” That song has been in constant rotation for me since it came out.

  20. Who gives a fuck?

      • Pretty much – but let me explain. Everyone goes on and on and on (AND ON) about “songs of the summer” and “summer jams” and “summer’s soundtrack”. But I hate the summer. It’s hot. Too hot, in fact (it was 118 degrees F in Oklahoma last week). I rejoice not when I can go out and die from heat stroke, but rather when I can go out and NOT die from heat stroke. I WANT A BEST INDIE SONG OF THE AUTUMN/WINTER 2012 feature!

        The summer is for chumps. VIVE L’AUTUMN! VIVE L’HIVER! And if “Bon Iver” is anywhere near that list I will cut my head off and mail it to him – just because you put snow on an album cover doesn’t make you woodsy and sure as hell doesn’t make you automatically soundtrack of the winter. Also, they spelled winter wrong.

        I think Andy Rooney just possessed me.

  21. Thought sure it was gonna be something by Lana del Rey

  22. I’m upset that people actually voted for ‘Take a Walk.’ Am i the only person who thinks that Passion Pit has been kidnapped and replaced by some shitty robots with Owl City loops programmed into their hard drives?

  23. Japandroid sounds so much like a cheap version of Titus Andronicus on this track, doesn’t do anything for me. Well my summer song is “Take back the toys” by The Hives. Can’t say it’s the coolest band right now, but the last album was rad.

  24. My summer jam this year is DEFINITELY “Get Free” by Major Lazer feat. Amber Coffman

  25. Celebration Rock for playing ping pong at the cottage
    1999 for chilling on the deck
    Awesome Wave for by the pool
    Cancer 4 Cure for pregaming
    Habits and Contradictions for the party

    Thats my personal summer playlist

  26. but, but, but…summer is not even halfway over…

  27. Crap choice!


  29. My vote is for… “Sweet N Sour” – Muscles

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