Chief Keef - "Russian Roulette" (Feat. Fat Trel) Video

Chicago’s teenage rap phenomenon Chief Keef hooks up with like-minded DC rapper Fat Trel for “Russian Roulette,” a track produced by go-to street rap producer Lex Luger. It sounds pretty much exactly how you’d expect it to sound; gritty, pounding and driven over-the-top by Luger’s menacing drums. The accompanying video dabbles in Keef’s favored low-budget aesthetic. Watch it below.

Finally Rich is out soon.

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  1. The praise heaped on Chief Keef is fucking depressing. I just feel like the newest version of the old white guy saying this, but remember when rappers actually rapped? He has no talent or ability other than a back story of home arrest and the other depressing realities of urban juvenilia that cause privileged white people at Gawker and Pitchfork to rubberneck with the same enthusiasm as the vaudeville crowds 100 years ago. He has no ability or desire to talk about where he’s from with any sort of cleverness or reflection. His clumsy delivery is barely even on the beat on half of these tracks.

  2. Is it just me or is the treatment for this video completely misguided? Lack of talent aside, at no point is there a revolver which is the necessary element for Russian roulette. So essentially while Keef, Trel and their prospective crews are wilding out they are playing suicide because of a misunderstanding of the song title’s basic principles.

  3. This is awful

  4. Before reading comments I already knew people had all bad things to say. PSA= Stop complaining about how rap isnt like how old school hip hop and the game not the same etc. Tha F* ITS 2012 the past is the past. All genres through time change and are not exactly the same, but have similar roots and topics. Basically what I am saying is that hip hop and modern rap talk about the same thing but with different delivery. Who are you to say one is garbage because they don’t follow your preference of what hiphop/rap should sound. By doing so you limit the genre to a specific description and no sub genre inside the founding genre will emerge. This mean that you are now dictating in your own image of what is music. Music does not need to be so complicated, with a full story and intricate theme to be good music. DEFINITION OF MUSIC IS: ORGANIZED SOUNDS MAKING A COMPOSITION. Just because a artist doesn’t organize one sound in your liking doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. Stop being a Dictator and just be grateful people are making music to entertain.

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