Shintaro Sakamoto - "You Already Decided" Video

Shintaro Sakamoto, former frontman of the Japanese psych-rock legends Yura Yura Teikoku, is preparing to release his solo album How To Live With A Phantom, in which he explores various global strains of ’70s folk-pop. We’ve already posted his track “In A Phantom Mood,” and now we’ve got the video for “You Just Decided,” a piece of ultra-slick psych-pop that comes complete with smooth-jazz sax tootles. Sakamoto directed and animated the video himself, and it’s an utterly absorbing piece of Bill Plympton-style hand-drawn cartoon madness, in which everything morphs into everything else and nothing makes the slightest bit of sense. Watch it below.

How To Live With A Phantom is out 7/17 on Other Music Recording Co.

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  1. I saw an animated short film last summer at the Cinefamily that was very much in the style of this, and it, too, made very little to no sense. I think a guy’s hand got cut off and then he was waiting in a ditch to eat a girl, but then a man with a werewolf mask came out and saved her? I don’t know, but it would have probably been a better view with these sleek saxes and cool folk gliding behind it.

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