M83 for Converse

Not to be outdone by Justin Vernon (and many, many others), the dreamy worlds of M83 and the more canvas-based worlds of Converse will collide for a new shoe. It’s on sale now and pictured up top; view a trailer for an adjoining design contest Converse is hosting below. Also, while we’re on the foot tip, Sir Lucious Left Foot himself revealed that he’s got a line of socks coming out. From a recent interview:

Your pink and green socks tonight were particularly special…
I’m the sock king! They’ve got a cape on the back – that’s how I flew here. I got my own socks line coming out with Crooks & Castles. Head over to 677 Antone Street, Atlanta Georgia, 30318 and get some!

(via GQ)

There you have it. Anyway, Here’s the trailer for the design contest run in conjunction with the M83/Converse collaboration:

More details at Converse.

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  1. that looks like a four year-old took a sharpie to a pair of white converse.

  2. big boi socks would be dope i have admit.

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