Cro-Mags Fight At CBGB Festival 7/7/12

Violence erupted at last night’s NYHC-stacked CBGB Festival performance at Webster Hall when former Cro-Mags bassist Harley Flanagan attacked current Cro-Mags members Mike “The Gook” Couls and William Berario, according to the New York Post.

According to Metal Insider, bouncers were given a picture of Flanagan prior to the show and instructed to keep him out of the venue. Somehow, though, he got in. Flanagan allegedly stabbed Couls and bit Berario in a dressing room before the band’s set; he was eventually subdued by six security guards, breaking his leg in the process. Police reportedly handcuffed Flanagan to a chair and took him to the hospital. He was arrested on two counts of 2nd degree assault and weapons charges.

According to reports, Couls was cut on his arms and stomach, and Berario was slashed above his eye and bitten on his cheek. Both were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Here’s CBGB Festival’s statement on the matter:

We are saddened to learn about the events that occurred last night at Webster Hall. Our primary concern is always the safety and experience of New Yorkers, music fans and the general public. Naturally we will fully cooperate with law enforcement while hoping for the speedy recovery of those injured.

Live music can be incredibly uplifting, empowering and positive. We don’t feel the actions of one person should overshadow four amazing days and nights of events that include today’s historic and unprecedented free concerts in Times Square and Central Park.
-The CBGB Festival

[Photo via Bowery Boogie.]

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  1. Those guys really know how to rock!

  2. Award winning overreaction, I’m sure.

  3. Don’t tread on me, I thought things were cool
    But I guess I was a fool
    And now I know all about you
    Stabbed me in the… arm and stomach?

    No, but seriously, I’ve been reading a ton of hardcore history material this summer and the Cro-Mags of old were notoriously violent, insane and kind of dick-ish and hateful. Cro-Mags of today (like most hardcore bands) basically bear the sound and style of that era without all the negative drama and police problems. Just look at Harley, though — The man looks the part of the actions he sadly played. Purists say hardcore is dead. I say if this is the shit we’d have to deal with otherwise, so be it.

    • I think the biggest shame of all is that someone named Harley Flanagan is so angry and violent. With a name like that, he should be the jolly bartender at a Limerick County tavern.

      But, seriously, I agree with you. I’ve never understood why we can’t just have hardcore without the bullshit. But then again, there’s a lot I’ve never understood about that whole scene. Like those straight-edge crews. What is that all about? OK, you don’t do drugs or drink. Fine. I commend you for your life decision, just please don’t chase me to my car because I ordered a beer. Are those folks still around these days?

      (And I apologize ahead of time if I inadvertently start a little tiff with this)

  4. this simply adds to the cro-mags legacy.

    now thats NYC hardcore. I always thought ninja dropkick arm swinging fans were scary but they’re nothing compared to the bands themselves.

  5. bath salts?

  6. I don’t really understand all the hubbub; I mean if this was HipHop the group would immediately get signed and probably hit platinum status.

    This is even the perfect amount of street cred to relaunch a career. Not to be insensitive but financially this is a goldmine. How could people not want to dig into their back catalog for signs of the madness?

  7. Obviously, no one should be assaulting anyone, but for those wondering what likely set off this guy’s psycho behavior, I did a little web research. It appears that, besides being a co-founder, Harley is the only member to have appeared on every Cro-Mags album. It doesn’t make much sense that someone else would have the right to perform using the name “Cro-Mags.”

  8. This is why I stopped going to Vampire Weekend shows. Bad vibes man. Bad vibes.

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