Grizzly Bear - Shields

Last month, Grizzly Bear let us hear their excellent new song “Sleeping Ute,” the first shot from a long-rumored new album. And now we finally have the whats and whens on that new LP. Grizz album number four is called Shields, and it’s out in September. That’s the cover art above. Now we know that a new Grizzly Bear album will be arriving just two weeks after a new Animal Collective album. That’s pretty nuts. We were this close to a Kanye West/50 Cent-style release date showdown. Tracklist below.

01 “Sleeping Ute”
02 “Speak In Rounds”
03 “Adelma”
04 “Yet Again”
05 “The Hunt”
06 “A Simple Answer”
07 “What’s Wrong”
08 “Gun-Shy”
09 “Half Gate”
10 “Sun In Your Eyes”

Shields is out 9/18 on Warp

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  1. I thought there was a tracklist on the Sleeping Ute post

  2. Tracklist is available and right here: (1) Sleeping Ute, (2) Speak in Rounds, (3) Adelma, (4) Yet Again, (5) The Hunt, (6) A Simple Answer, (7) What’s Wrong, (8) Gun-Shy, (9) Half Gate, and (10) Sun in Your Eyes. Tracklisting also available at

  3. there’s a track list on the iTunes preorder.

  4. Also, tour dates are up

  5. Cover art makes me feel weird–I love it! Who designed this?

    • Richard Diebenkorn is the artist. His estate gave Grizzly Bear the rights to use his artwork for this album, and there’s going to be a lot more of it in the liner notes for CD/vinyl.

  6. blind portrait of a deck of cards

  7. I heard it’s a conept record about the making of Loveless.

  8. I’m still waiting for the tracklist

  9. I think I saw this on Ed’s instagram

  10. Hearts and Diamonds are gonna be pissed when they see this.

  11. They definitely have Animal Collective beaten on cover art.

  12. This is amazing

  13. Can’t wait to get this baby out of storage. Never christen a Grizzly Bear album without it.

  14. I’d like to see what you use to listen to Animal Collective…?

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