The Killers - "Runaways"

In a couple of months, the Killers will return with Battle Born, their first new album in nearly four years. And today, we get to hear “Runaways,” the stormy and anthemic lead single. Really, this song has just about everything the Killers were ever famous for: The big-room synthpop largesse, the Sprinsteenian belt-it-out chorus, the transcendently dumb chorus. If you have the slightest bit of affection for the Killers, you will probably love it. I do, and it’s great. Listen below.

Battle Born is out 9/17.

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  1. Thoughts before listening: AHHHH it’s the Killers I will love it no matter what, it is so good!!

    Thoughts after listening: Objectively, average and formulaic but AHHHH it’s the Killers I love it no matter what, it is so good!!

  2. Is everyone certain this isn’t the new TOTO song?

  3. Chris de Burgh???

  4. I do love The Killers, but I’m just not a huge fan of their production. I can only imagine how great this song would be if the production was tighter and more focused. As it stands, I think there’s just too much space between all the instruments, making this song sound ironically smaller than it otherwise would have.

    Though for all of my complaining, I’ll still listen to it on repeat for a while.

  5. Well this confirms this is gonna be another Killers album full of songs that I really really don’t want to like, but I like anyways. Damn you Brandon Flowers.

  6. This is probably one of the lamest “anticipated” tracks I’ve heard in a long while. Lame chorus??? Try lame everything. Who wrote this Bonnie Tyler? I liked the Killers at one point, but the jig is up.

  7. A girl I really liked from New Zealand, was in my life for a brief time. She was beautiful with huge dark eyes and a cute kiwi accent to go. When she left this island to head back home I kinda of obsessed with staying in touch as if we would rekindle this lust the next time we met..

    One day she reply’d to one of my pathetic e-mails with news that she had just seen the killers live, got access backstage and slept with the guitarist.

    This song is terrible and this band are just unoriginal, uninspired whores.

    Fuck the world.

  8. Ugh. I wish Brandon Flowers would drop the Springsteen act. I mean, I don’t think it’s terrible, but I would assume most casual fans want more Hot Fuss and less tribute act.

  9. this is probably going to ruin all my indie cred, but i absolutely unashamedly love the killers… and this song is great

  10. People who are saying how this song is great… please explain? Seriously.

    This is not about indie cred, a band as big as The Killers are throws that out the window. Even my mom knows who they are.

    So, what is great about it? Is it the stupid lyrics that sound like a bad meatloaf out take? The Springsteen-lite act that Flowers has yet to drop since Sam’s Town? The bland, 80′s made-for-radio production? The lack of a hook? The uninspired synth-lines and sounds? The lack of originality?

    Not trying to be mean, but I seriously don’t understand why this song is good in any way. The only thing it has going for it is initial interest.

    • If you don’t get it you don’t get it. Have a good rest of your life.

    • Basically, everything you listed is what fans want from the Killers, only they see them in a positive light. The lyrics, the production, the synths– that’s what makes the band who they are. Also:

      - The band has an unwavering commitment to their image, largely because Brandon Flowers is obsessed with romanticism, Las Vegas, and the romanticism OF Las Vegas. So no matter what stylistic changes they undergo, that underlying dedication to their “story” gives fans a familiarity to latch onto.

      - The songwriting, although similar in a lot of their material, is ‘unique’ in this day and age. There’s a very distinct formula that Flowers has perfected, essentially making him the king of the bizarre synthy-Springsteen niche. For better or for worse, no other band does what the Killers can do.

      Not sure what you mean by the “lack of a hook” though? There’s two:

      1. “We can’t waaaaaaaaaiiiiit til tomorrow”

      2. “I knew it when I met you/i’m not gonna let you/ runawaaaaaay”

    • “give your head a shake, JESUS CHRIST.”


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  11. Player is broken.

  12. I don’t hear Meat Loaf but I do hear Asia.

  13. i miss hot fuss

  14. scratch that, i miss all of 2004′s post-punk dance rock

  15. Sounds like if Springsteen joined The Polyphonic Spree

  16. definately my favorite Bon Jovi song

  17. Let’s be real, most of the killers fans were in high school when they came out. They weren’t the pickiest bunch then and they won’t be the pickiest about this album.

    That being said, this song sounds like someone trying to be the killers four years ago, which is so meta I can’t even explain it.

  18. please god! Somebody stop the killers!

  19. my guilty pleasure is the killers guys but godDAMMIT im still a man
    *weeps softly 2 himself while clutching a football*

  20. “Gray-Mane or Battle-Born?” I am glad we know how Brandon Flowers handled this question. I wonder if he went Imperial or Stormcloak…

    Ah, sorry, I did not mean to bring my Skyrim obsession over into this world.

  21. While a great lover of Skyrim and Skyrim being mentioned on Stereogum, Nevada is known as “the Battle-Born state”.

  22. I hope everyone who doesn’t like this steps on a lego barefoot. Fuck you faggots, Killers are the best.

  23. I thought this new Killers song would be a new job…gangfully employing me with acceptance a new sound for the killers. Welp, it ain’t a new job. it’s really just the business as usual; and im not with this employment all the way.

  24. oh killers…your first album was so awesome.

  25. I love you Killers

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