Bonde Do Rolê - "Brazilian Boys" Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Colorful Brazilian partystarters Bonde Do Rolê have already offered “Bang” and the video for “Kilo,” showcasing some of the group’s ratcheted-up new material as well as the sonic polish of producers Diplo and Poolside. Today, we’ve got the video for Tropicalbacanal cut “Brazilian Boys,” a beach-and-Speedo-heavy clip that might as well be the official tourism video for the Brazil-hosted 2014 World Cup as well as the 2016 Rio Olympics. Watch it below.

Tropicalbacanal is out 7/31 on Mad Decent.

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  1. Big fan of Bonde Do Role but this attempt at a pop song is weak…

  2. the new Bonde do Role material is failing to excite me. Their first album was incredible. I hope this is just a case of slow growing caused by how different it is to their old sound…

  3. So far the last 2 songs of the new album are really disappointing.

  4. This is the best video from Bonde!! The music touched my heard and heart <3 LOL

  5. They deserve all my respect ! The new songs has showed how much they matured as musicians and performers…the new vocals by Laura has brought a new vibe to the project ( and she really speaks good English unlike Marina) Finally we see a better quality work here…the first album was more like a joke…now they r more into it…and really making good stuff…Love yo xxx

  6. Another great video and song! Can’t wait to hear the whole album!

    Bonde do Role is back and in a great shape!

  7. So far I’m enjoying the new album – it’s pretty diverse yet still funny. It shows commitment yet it’s a good demonstration on how wide their references are. I’d very much like to see a video for Bang, as well.

  8. Tropicalbacanal is the new black.
    ownsome video guys

  9. Love it, super fun! I’m down with do Role!

  10. Very cool \o/

  11. This is Brazil, good music on a sexy beat.. 3 cheers to BondedoRole!

  12. I’m loving the new sound
    totally worth waiting for.
    Congrats :)

  13. Dope! Hot! Bounce! Colorful! Tropicalbacanal!

    Bonde do Role is back and in a great shape! [2]

  14. the summer is magic and this music is fucking magic!

  15. Summer Jams !!

  16. love brazilian boys and bonde <3


  18. they are fun and ironic. And it sounds pretty cool. Luv Bonde!

  19. Completely blown away with this new track. Keep it up, Bonde.

  20. i hate the haters! If this doesn’t want to make you strip down and go wild with dance craziness then I don’t know what will.

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