Bloc Party - "Octopus" Video

The back-in-action Bloc Party are returning next month with their new album Four, and today they’ve given us the video for first single “Octopus.” The clip, directed by Nova Dando, mostly focuses on members of the band in their practice space, but it’s cut together so quickly that it should really come with an epilepsy warning. As for the song, it’s a pretty clear indicator that Bloc Party haven’t quite outgrown their dance-music phase yet. Check it out below.

Four is out 8/21 on Frenchkiss.

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  1. Hell yeah, the Bloc is back! This song and Channel Orange inspired me to come up with a ridiculous NME-type list.

    (My) Top Fifteen Bisexual Musicians:
    1. David Bowie
    2. Janis Joplin
    3. Freddy Mercury
    4. Michael Stipe
    5. Ani DiFranco
    6. John Cage
    7. Lou Reed
    8. Kele Okereke
    9. Sinnead O’Connor
    10. Meshell Ndegeocello
    11. Carrie Brownstein
    12.Frank Ocean
    13.Arthur Russell
    14. Jamie Stewart
    15. Azealia Banks

  2. give kele a guitar FOR THE LOVE OF LUKE

  3. I really was expecting for them to come back with a heavier slant to their post-punk sound, and I guess I put my faith in that due to the fact that Ceremony is opening for them this fall (assuming it would be a scenario where the openers would compliment the band’s latest evolution in sound) but alas, it’s still very danceable. Lesson learned? Never judge Bloc Party by their openers (See: their tour with Panic! At the Disco)

    • From their live videos, the record actually seems like it may have a bit of angst (compared to other records at least). There is lots of dissonance. They are still pulling a bit of a balancing act with twitchy-punk dance and ballads, but you should look for a videos to “3 x 3″ and “So He Begins to Lie” (although the latter kind of sounds like foo fighters) from the forthcoming album. The record seems like it is going to be all over the place, and I am not too keen on the production of “Octopus,” but live this fall, they are going to slay.

  4. This song is terrible. I did hear moments of hope in their album preview video thing so I’m still eager to hear what the rest of the record has to offer.

  5. Not the greatest, but certainly not the worst. Kele’s faces made this video

  6. i like it! i also liked intimacy, so there you go.

  7. In 2007 I went to see Bloc Party in Toronto and ended up meeting Russell Lissack. My friend asked him how he keeps his fringe so perfect and he said hotel conditioner. So there’s that.

  8. not bad, not sure about that solo though…bit too Musey

    • Dude, it is totally Daft Punky (Aerodynamic). They actually released a bonus track with A Weekend in the City entitled, Version 2.0, that is similar in style to Octopus and begins with the lyrics, “Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger.” I might be wrong (Radiohead), but I doubt that they take cues from Muse.

      • Yeah valid, def sounds daft punky. I certainly did not intend to suggest they take there cues from Muse, jus reminded me of them (yeah I’ve listened to Muse)

  9. I dont get in to that special mood. but its not a bad song ..

  10. This just makes me reach for Silent Alarm sit back, listen and reminisce about the days when this band flat out fucked filthy shit up…nother one bites the dust….oh well, back to Frankie Ocean.

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