Justice - "New Lands" Video

We first heard the smoothened AC/DC bath of “New Lands” from last year’s Audio, Video, Disco in October, and Justice has stretched the track’s release cycle ever since: They dropped A-Trak and Falcon remixes this summer, and today there’s a Canada-directed official video. The clip features a latter-day-Pacino type as the coach of a futuristic football-meets-baseball-meets-lacrosse-meets-rollerderby-esque sport in an arena — which is a fair situation to jam Justice — for an Any Given Sunday meets Solarbabies vibe. Related: Bet that’s the first time you’ve thought of Solarbabies in awhile. Watch:

Audio, Video, Disco is out. Solarbabies is on Hulu.

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  1. Real talk: Even though I was pretty disappointed with Audio, Video, Disco, I will never be let down by a Justice music video.

  2. This is epic! Everything that a music video should be.

  3. Are you kiddin’ me?
    I’ve seen this kind of description about this vid already in several places : “a futuristic football-meets-baseball-meets-lacrosse-meets-rollerderby-esque sport in an arena”.

    but this ain’t no this vs. that! well it is, but it’s all a pure rip-off (or homage? whatever) from ROLLERBALL! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0073631/
    including even the part where one of the players is down and the hero stands above his hospital bed.

    it may be a shinier version of it, but it got it all wrong, cause the movie ( the 1975 original, not the horrible remake), indeed combined all kinds if sports in a futuristic way, but it wasn’t heroic. it was all dark.

    C’mon Stereogum, i was expecting u to be the one’s who’ll write about it. and it’s not too late to make Real justice with the origins of this video.
    Know thy history :
    and watch this frakkin’ movie, it’s one of the greatest of all times.

  4. New Lands (Any Given Sunday+Rollerball+Cobra video remix)



  5. Am I the only person who has noticed that the ref’s penalty light device… thing is just a friggin apple slicer?

    check it: https://encrypted-tbn3.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQi9_URV3DPERcQ2-msb5ZKM0_lILWDSmnTMxYUvzcPFTZJTof6

    now look back at the lead picture of the youtube video. yep, great prop design. but this video, other than that thing i could not unsee, is wonderous.

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