Icky Blossoms - "Perfect Vision" Video

Icky Blossoms, the Omaha electro-pop trio of Derek Pressnall (Tilly And The Wall), Nik Fackler, and Sarah Bohling, release their Dave Sitek-produced debut LP next week. Today we’ve got the passionate, destructive visual treatment for slow-burning album standout “Perfect Vision.” Check out some words from the band about the film, then watch it and download the track below.

We were dealing with a 6 1/2 minute long song. We had to keep things interesting. So it made the most sense for us to direct a short film and approach the video as such. We wanted the quality of it to be that of any film you would see in theaters. Coming from a film background, that is just the way we like to work.   

We want the world we create to feel genuine and not thrown together. It is thought out and organized. The world you watch on the screen is as real as what is outside your window, or within your mind. Each of our music videos exist within the same universe. Reoccurring characters, places and ideas. We’ve been creating this world in our heads as we write Icky Blossoms’ music and now it is just a matter of manifesting that world visually. Part of the fun of living in reality as humans, is manifesting new realities that have never existed before. “Perfect Vision” is an example of that manifestation. A new universe from our imaginations and into yours.


Icky Blossoms is out 7/17 on Saddle Creek.

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  1. Gin Blossoms side project!?!

  2. The video is wonderful, looks amazing, i love the slo-mo and underwater glassy fire effects.

    I wonder though the words to the song, why are our characters destroying this world and what does an Icky filter afford you?

  3. At first glance, I thought the vandalism was a symbol of the harm they were causing themselves (drugs). Maybe the house represents their lives and they’re going through and destroying everything. And then running away. I don’t know, but the video seems to fit perfectly with the song. It’s very compelling.

  4. @buzz fledderjohn: tilly and the wall side project

  5. This is possibly the best looking music video I’ve seen in years. it looks like old black and white Smashing Pumpkins updated to modern times. Love it! Fucking love it!

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