Frank Ocean - "Golden Girl" (Feat. Tyler The Creator)

Here’s a Channel Orange bonus cut called “Golden Girl,” a breezy, loverlorn number featuring Tyler, The Creator doing a verse in his pitched-down devil voice. “Let’s toast and listen to Michael Bolton,” Tyler says. It’s a physical-release exclusive, something you won’t be able to get at your local Target (more on that below).

As for the Target tiff, Ocean’s manager Christian Clancey questioned Target’s decision not to stock Frank’s CD and wondered aloud (in a since-deleted tweet) whether it was because of Frank’s sexual orientation. He later learned that Target doesn’t stock CDs that originated as iTunes exclusives. Target’s statement:

Target has a longstanding tradition of supporting music and artistry that reflects the diverse landscape of American culture,” the statement added. “Our history of partnering with diverse artists includes recent partnerships with a variety of musicians, such as Ricky Martin, B.o.B., and Gloria Estefan.

Clancy later backed down from his comments, though he did point out Target’s contributions to Minneapolis Forward, a group that supported Minnesota gubernatorial candidate (and alleged anti-gay ministry supporter) Tom Emmer.

Channel Orange is out now on iTunes.

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  1. Frank Ocean. Just killing it right now.

  2. “Target doesn’t stock CDs that originated as iTunes exclusives”

    Bullshit, i got my copy of Watch the Throne at Target

  3. “recent partnerships with a variety of musicians, such as Ricky Martin, B.o.B., and Gloria Estefan.”

    cutting edge target, real cutting edge…

    • The Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan thing would suggest they’re hinting at being Gay Friendly, but unless I missed something that wouldn’t explain Bob.

  4. I hate this “exclusive” crap, man. You buy a CD, the iTunes version has 4 exclusive tracks. Download the digital copy from iTunes, and the physical release has exclusives on it. I understand the intention, but more often that not it leaves a true fan feeling they got ripped off. I bought this from iTunes first thing the day it came out, and then all the people who casually pick it up at Walmart get an exclusive track? What gives?

  5. I love the color orange

  6. Here’s the ironic thing: they won’t carry Frank Ocean’s ‘channel Orange’ BUT they will continue carry 3 billion unbought copies of Prince’s 2009 album ‘Lotus Flower’.

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