Jack White - "Freedom At 21" Video

Last week, Hype Williams and Jack White posted up the trailer to “Freedom At 21″’s video. As a general rule, video content that is just over two minutes shouldn’t be granted a trailer, but Hype and White are brands unto themselves, and if anything it was an indication that they were “going for it.” And fair enough, because they did it: Jack’s an outlaw on the run in a electric yellow hotrod, being chased down, cuffed, and incarcerated by unusually voluptuous police officers, and busting great guitar solos while wearing 10lbs of rings. As per Williams’s style, the camera ticks and editing are stylized and great, and the coloring is remarkable. Enjoy the Josh Homme cameo at the end.

Blunderbuss is out via Third Man.

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  1. “El usuario que ha subido este vídeo lo ha bloqueado en tu país. :/” Fuck you ACTA! And fuck you VEVO!

  2. Somebody should make Quentin Tarantino watch this. Maybe he’ll sack up and quit phoning it in.

  3. I’d say his hotrod is more green than yellow.

  4. Also, the riff is semi-remanufactured from “Seven Nation Army”. Not a big deal: It’s different enough, and in a different enough setting, to be fair play by rock’n'roll standards, even if “Seven Nation Army” weren’t his own song to begin with. But I hope he’s not hitting the wall just yet, creatively.

    • Most bands and artists “semi-remanufacture” old riffs. I would say this riff is much closer to “blue orchid” than it is to “seven nation army.”

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        • You’re a bit of a dick, aren’t ya?

        • I was always under the impression that Jack played dulcimer. On the dulcimer. He’s playing a riff on a dulcimer. Not the drums, the dulcimer. Not the tempo or the groove, the dulcimer. The dulcimer. Not the production. The dulcimer. The notes he is playing on the dulcimer, which aren’t a matter of opinion. The dulcimer. The riff is on the dulcimer. He is playing a riff on the dulcimer.

          This is all over your head, isn’t it?

  5. I would swear this was directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp.

  6. What a lazy song.

  7. How can this be Hype Williams when it doesn’t end with”To be Continued…”?

  8. 1:35-1:38 — Looks Jack White picked up some of his dance moves from Jasper in Odd Future…

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