The first song from the first third of Green Day’s forthcoming ¡Uno!/¡Dos!/¡Tres! trilogy debuted today. “Oh Love” sees the band scaling back the insufferable bombast of their last couple albums, and delivering pretty slick, effective power-pop. Of ¡Uno!, the album from which “Oh Love” was lifted, the band’s bassist Mike Dirnt told Rolling Stone, “We tapped into our version of Exile On Main Street.” Yeah … not sure he’s heard Exile in a while. Check out the lyric video and trilogy album details below.

¡Uno! will be released 9/25; ¡Dos! on 11/13; and ¡Tres! on 1/15/2013.

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  1. Exile on Main Stream.

  2. Exile on Plain Street

  3. oh man these lyrics are painful

  4. Exile On Yeah Who Gives A Shit

  5. Needs more Autotune. No, I mean less. Also less of everything else in it. “None” would be about right.

  6. Bland song is bland.

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  8. I think I’ll go listen to that new No Doubt song again instead.

    • Anyone who genuinely thinks that “Settle Down” is better than “Oh Love” needs to be guitar-whipped. Did you also think that “hey baby hey baby hey” was better than “Minority”?

      People will fall for anything if there’s a pretty lady fronting it.

  9. MOR DJs can play this back-to-back with that new No Doubt song and have 11 glorious minutes of bathroom time.

  10. “Free Ride.. won’t you take me close to you.” — a sing-a-long for the welfare state?
    And then “Far Away, Far Away…” feels like some cheesy yo-ho-ho pirate chorus. Bummer.

  11. definitely has that traditional irish drinking tune progression during the chorus, eh?

  12. Oh.. my…..

    Catchy in a way. But yeah… hmmm.

    The “Lyric Video” certainly didn’t do this track any favors, that’s for sure.

  13. liked american idiot, barely tolerated 21st century breakdown, but just can’t approve of this crap

    3 albums worth of this, huh? now we all see what the cutting room floor is for

  14. Maybe they just picked the wrong single?

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