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This morning, the world got its first legitimate listen to Gossamer, Passion Pit’s new record. That good news is tempered this afternoon, as the band’s lead singer Michael Angelakos is canceling their pre-Lolla summer dates due to some “mental health” issues. He posted this note of explanation:

Via Passion Pit’s site:

Hello all,

On behalf of the band and myself, I would like to greatly apologize for the show cancelations. In order for me to ensure that there will be no further disruptions, I am going to take the time to work on improving my mental health. For now, I’d like to thank all of our fans for their understanding. I hope to see all of you very soon in a much different light.

The tour page on our website currently reflects all upcoming tour dates.

With love,

All dates prior to Lolla are canceled; these are still on:

08/02 – Chicago, IL @ House Of Blues (Lolla Afterparty)
08/03 – Chicago, IL (Lollapalooza)
08/05 – Montreal, QC (Osheaga)
08/07 – Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks (co-headline with Justice)
08/08 – Boulder, CO @Fox Theatre
08/09 – Salt Lake City, UT (Twilight Concert Series)

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  1. Hope he gets better soon, the new songs sound like they’d be brilliant live.

  2. I guess she finally drove him crazy, she drove him mad.

  3. There are so many other bands who I would picture canceling a tour for “mental health reasons” before these guys.

    • Their new album sounds like candy-coated electro-pop with Angelakos playing the role of some demented Willy Wonka life romanticist trying to hold it together. Just a guess, but I think the sudden success of being a little band formed in MIT that not even Bostonians were aware of (I lived in Boston during their rise — They really just came out of nowhere) to a huge festival draw with large expectations to deliver on the new album has taken a toll on him.

      I read somewhere that Gossamer was intended to come out to coincide with their slot at Governor’s Ball, so it sucks to see those plans go to waste, but get well fellow Michael.

  4. Bummer, I was going to see them at Firefly. At least they are streaming Gossamer on NPR so I can’t get too mad

  5. Gossamer sounds great. Hope he gets it sorted.

  6. Wait, if mental health is the issue, why does he think that he’ll be better in two weeks and still do Lolla? Mental Health is not something to take lightly. It takes a lot of time to get better, not TWO weeks. Are all the other shows after Lolla gonna be cancelled? Wait, did you just say no? So the rest of the tour is a go? Yes? Well then your arguement for “mental health” is invalid. Maybe the three years between albums would have been a good time to work on your issues, not right at the start of your tour and two weeks before a big summer festival. Just saying.

    • As my gf said when she first linked me to the NPR stream “listening to the lyrics in the first few songs, it’s actually no wonder that he is cancelling the tour.”
      Sounds like not only has he been feeling the tremendous pressure of sudden fame, but also has some money/business woes to contend with and fix.

  7. The interview on Pitchfork really sheds a lot of light on this. I would never have imagined before but listening to the lyrics now you can hear lots about his issues with his mental health problems.

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