No Doubt - "Settle Down" Video

No Doubt are getting ready to come back with Push And Shove, their first new LP in 11 years. Yesterday, we heard “Settle Down,” the lilting and weirdly overlong first single. And last night, the band debuted the video, which they made with their old director comrade Sophie Muller. In the clip, the band’s four members play truck drivers on their way toward some sort of exoticized island party. Gwen Stefani, hearteningly, still looks exactly the same in the video as she did in 1996, right down to the Cali mall-ska wardrobe. I’m not even sure where you find skintight zipper-pants at this late date, but she evidently knows. Watch the video below.

Push And Shove is out 9/25 on Interscope.

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  1. Definitely a summer tune! She looks amazing. Loving the Jamaican street vibe/dancehall/reggae beat. Compared to what we hear on the radio this is a breath of fresh air. Welcome back, No Doubt!

  2. Gwen is going to sell a TON of makeup with this clip. But in all seriousness, she looks AMAZING for 42 and has still got the sassy confidence to pull this off.

    As someone who grew up with Tragic Kingdom I know that no song could match my nostalgia-tinted memories of how great they were, so I’m just going to enjoy this song for what it is. The white top and tight pants dancing are worth the price of admission.

  3. Tony Kanal doesn’t look so bad either.

  4. Could easily be two minutes shorter.

  5. It feels awesome to be able to listen to such a feel good song and not consider it a guilty pleasure. Doesn’t hurt that Gwen Stefanie looks fucking amazing.

  6. Being a truck driver I find this video sexy. ^.^

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