Joanna Newsom Does '7 Minutes In Heaven'

SNL writer Mike O’Brien has a web series called 7 Minutes In Heaven, a show that features Mike and a celebrity guest in a closet. Each episode culminates with O’Brien trying to kiss the guest — it’s basically awkwardness porn. This week’s episode featured Joanna Newsom, who is admirably game. Watch it below.

Hit the 7 Minutes In Heaven episode archive here. Head to The New Yorker for more information about the making of the episode.

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  1. Another misleading headline from Stereogum.

  2. I LOL’ed so hard at their creepy faces halfway through it

  3. The New Yorker has a behind-the-scenes article about this episode. Check it out:

  4. Wish he was funny!

  5. She’s such a cutie.

  6. Pitchfork has already given the keyboard song Best New Music, praising Newsom’s ability to step outside of her comfort zone.

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