Passion Pit - "I'll Be Alright" Video

A little while ago, Vice ran a series of interviews with security guards at the Whitney Biennial, asking them what they thought of the pieces of contemporary art on display. That’s a subject I’ve long wondered about. And in their video for the dizzy single “I’ll Be Alright,” Passion Pit also tackle the question, after a fashion. In the video (the winner of a competition), a guard pops a couple of pills and then starts thinking that a piece of minimal art is singing to him. He responds, um, accordingly. Watch it below.

Passion Pit’s new album Gossamer is out 7/24 on Columbia. Stream it here.

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  2. Rustie joined Passion Pit?

  3. That had to be one gritty makeout.

  4. This is a more concise song title than, “I need time off, because I am crazy as fuck, and I have already told you I am crazy as fuck before, and the subject of why I write my songs, but this time I am REALLY wacky and maybe my voice box is hurt a little, too. See you at Lolla!”

  5. I hope that glitter was non-toxic.

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