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This week we heard new tracks from the xx, Kendrick Lamar, and Menomena. We watched new videos from Jack White, The-Dream, and Lana Del Rey. We celebrated the anniversaries of Appetite For Destruction, Dirty, and Spotify. But the big news was Coachella’s expansion to THE SEA. Are you going on the S.S. Coachella? I’ve never seen Pulp, and I’ve never been on a cruise, so it looks tempting. Plus, it’s gonna be the first Coachella with WIFI, probably. Should we all go? Stereogum meet-up in Jamaica? While you decide, enjoy these highest and lowest rated comments of the past 7 days.


#10 formerragequitter | Jul 13th Score:26

Fuck it, I’ll say it. You sir are, indeed, an all star.

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Kurt Liedtke | Jul 17th Score:27

Lebowski appreciates that the Eagles are listed twice.

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#8 raptor jesus | Jul 17th Score:30

Is Anybody ever prepared for death?

*drop the mic*

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Levi Simpson Jones | Jul 16th Score:32

Thanks to spotify I now know that I have friends on facebook who listen to dubstep remixes of Maroon 5

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Michael Schwartz | Jul 17th Score:34

Um, sorry but where the fuck is T-Pain?

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Chris Trash | Jul 17th Score:35

Truly a band ahead of its time.

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Michael Robenalt | Jul 16th Score:35

I think FartNoizes Premium is actually the best app ever made

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Dan Wood | Jul 17th Score:36

Coachella in Space 2016.

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#1 Michael_ | Jul 17th Score:52

And if you look off into the distance, you can see the exact shark which Coachella jumped.

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#5 MagicUnicornFairy | Jul 16th Score:-11

Not to rain on your parade.. But the album cover is essentially a negative of their first album cover, except the x is now filled with the colors from that video above.

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Kevin Broydrick | Jul 14th Score:-12

Has my appearance in the top ten endowed me with the ability to link you guys to my channel orange review without getting downvoted?

Probably not…

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Andrew Schneider | Jul 16th Score:-13

Spotify has been around for close to 5 years…it was just called Rhapsody and no one paid attention.

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#2 jbean | Jul 16th Score:-14


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Christopher Woodhead | Jul 13th Score:-31

People still care about this band? I liked them when they were Paul Simon’s backing band on “Graceland”, but after that it just got old.

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Andy Gassaway | Jul 17th Score:3

Last fall I built a duck blind out of 1,800 copies of R.E.M.’s “Monster.”

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[Editor's Note: See also: Strange Currency: One Staff Writer's Seven Year Journey to Sell the Most Toxic Used CD of All Time.]


Michael Hanna | Jul 19th Score:3

Why would a skeleton bother trying to smoke if s/he lacks all of the parts necessary to enjoy a cigarette?

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  2. I see “Green” almost as much as “Monster” in used record stores’ $1 bins.

  3. I’ve never tried to post a picture before, so if I screw this up I’m sure I’ll be too ashamed to ever try again. I found this fan pic of a Future Islands show today. Look at his package, is that a boner or does he have a pair of socks in there?

  4. The Rise and Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall and Fall and Fall and Fall and Rise of Michael_! XVII: Shut Up, Dude, 20th July 2012 – Things Said in the Heat of The ‘Comment’.

    Coming to a screen near you!

  5. This week had some cool moments, but it was tough to beat last week. Can we talk about Michael Angelakos and Larry Fitzmaurice’s great feature on him at Pitchfork? It’s been a very brave year for musicians on all levels, and I felt that great piece kept the streak going. Also, I loved the entire format of that feature altogether — The scrolling magazine look, which I kind of think served as the final death knell to print publication.

    And speaking of which, I read that Stereogum’s wealthy parents BuzzMedia have purchased SPIN and are planning to expand its online content. Word on the Internet is that they have no plans to keep the print edition going. What does Weingarten think of all this, as he’s helped resuscitate the quality of SPIN in the past several months, and further more, where does that put Stereogum, considering both it and SPIN have evolved into the same sort of indie / alternative pop culture well-known sources for news, features, Top (whatever) lists, streams, interviews, etc.? I’m aware BuzzMedia owns Gorilla vs. Bear, BrooklynVegan and other music sites, but things just got a bit blurry at the top of the food chain.

    Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s Mature Themes is out there. JoJo put out a great sexed up new single this week produced by Noah “40″ Shabib called “Demonstrate,” and it’s a little bit Aaliyah, a little bit The Emancipation of Mimi.

    Humblebrag, but the guys from Trash Talk and members of Odd Future gave me a virtual pat on the back for that article I wrote last weekend on Frank Ocean, Trash Talk and why not caring is the most hardcore thing to do in 2012. Most successful piece I’ve ever written, and I’m humbled whenever anyone notices my words.

    Seeing the Gaslight Anthem this weekend as well.

    • Congrats man, by what means did they see it/give you feedback?

      One time Jenny Johnson responded to me on twitter when I asked her if she thought Jacob ever boned Bella in wolf form and I had a shitty grin I couldn’t get rid of for at least an hour. As brilliant as my question was, it probably didn’t require as much thought or time as your write up so I’m sure getting a positive response from the artists you were writing about must have been amazing. I’m not being sarcastic when I say it probably made all your efforts seem worth it. I know you have kind of wondered what the point was. Maybe you weren’t getting the amount of hits you wanted or it wasn’t leading actually getting paid to write, but I think you blog is of a high enough quality to at least be a hobby you can be proud of rather than a hobby that makes you seem like an ass like that guy who made mashups on Girls. Keep it up, I’m sure at the very least you will get future kudos from artists you admire from time to time and you’ll be able to keep the good feelings flowing.

      • It caught like wildfire on Twitter. First Trash Talk’s account responded with “Good read,” then Lee Spielman retweeted it, then OF’s manager tweeted that he loved it and linked it in a tweet, which then got retweeted by the lesser known OF members and hence, their huge fan base. It’s not entirely unusual for anything I post to get retweeted by the artists themselves, but due to the popularity of everyone involved, it was the most successful post hit-wise. I don’t get many hits and have come to terms that 100 individual visitors each day is a good day, but to go from that to 2,000 for at least one day was a reassuring feeling. There’s particular artists and labels who support my posts on a very consistent basis, and while they may not be at the same level of success yet, that support means just as much. Like you said, I’m not getting paid for it and I refuse to put ad cheap looking ads anywhere on it, so it’s all being done for the love it.

    • “Seeing the Gaslight Anthem this weekend as well.”

      Ok. I was thinking about doing that but then I figured I’d do something more enjoyable…for example: anything else.

  6. Totally not messing, but it would be a little bit like Montalban and Shatner if we could get the Coachella reporters back together for the Coachella cruise next year. Said with affection for Michael_, because it would be the next dimension of Stereogum meta. The dimension beyond that is when Tom goes ziplining in Costa Rica on a K-Pop junket.

  7. Still waiting on some sort of DTilla / JDilla mash-up project. Make it happen, Internet.

  8. Well that worked out…

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