Flying Lotus - "Between Friends" (Feat. Earl Sweatshirt)

Here’s the latest from Adult Swim’s Singles Program series, a track featuring Earl Sweatshirt and “Captain Murphy” (Maybe Tyler? Maybe just a slowed-down Earl?) rapping over some thick, heavy-lidded production from Flying Lotus. It brings to mind the DOOM/Danger Mouse collab The Mouse And The Mask, a connection that’s reinforced by the presence of Adult Swim’s affiliation with that record. Download it below.

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  1. Def sounds like Tyler.

    I wouldn’t mind more songs with Captain Murphy vocal snippets… RIP Murph.

    • Yeah, that is his flow and subject matter. We should consult the residential expert on Odd Future. Rubber Johnny, Rubber Johnny…Wherefore art thou, Rubber Johnny?

      • This collaboration also makes me nostalgic (ultra) for The Mouse and the Mask (got so much play time during high school). It would be beyond marvelous if adult swim sponsored a similar collaboration between Flying Lotus and Earl Sweatshirt.

        • Damn, I could support this.

          I mean The Mouse & The Mask dropped right before Danger Mouse became a household name and a few years before DOOM dropped off the face of the planet (more or less).

          As much as I would like FlyLo to become a household name, I don’t want EARL to drop off the face of the planet (more or less) again.

          However, aside from all the cartoon samples, adult swim already paired up El-P & Killer Mike this year. They still deserve mad props for that combination.

  2. well shit, I guess I can forgive him for not liking Beach Houses new album now

    hell, for making this track I could forgive him for orphanage arson

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