Bat For Lashes - "Laura" Video

A flurry of Bat For Lashes news hit the web this afternoon as she premiered the studio version of “Laura” on BBC1. Capitalizing on that attention, Bat For Lashes also dropped the beautiful, theatrical clip for the track. Scope all that and the NSFW, Ryan McGinley-shot The Haunted Man album cover down below.

The track, which will be available at midnight for those who have pre-ordered the album:

Album cover:

The Haunted Man is out stateside 10/23 on Capitol, and 10/15 in the UK via Parlophone/EMI.

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  1. I find that to be a very, very sexy album cover.

  2. It’s a nicely shot image, but, just … why? Especially with the arms and legs placed like that to hide anything censor-able. I mean, it’s actually quite funny… is it meant to be funny?

  3. Q: What’s a boy to do?
    A: Become a haunted man.

  4. That album cover gives me the weirdest boner…

  5. Woman, voice and song; all beautiful.

  6. That cover is not NSFW – that’s just pretty! Why is everything involving the least amount of skin thought to be not safe for work?

    • Now that I think of it Not Safe For Work is a weird term to describe some sort of nudity! Anything not work related shouldn’t be Safe For Work, not just nudity! I think it would be better if it meant Not Safe For Wives

    • I imagine most bosses are not interested in the “it’s art” defense.

      • I imagine most bosses don’t care whether you look at cookie recipes or naked ladies when you’re supposed to be working… maybe that’s just because I’m European.

  7. Is it weird that the song aroused me more than that cover art? Because it did.

  8. bookmark this one for videos of the week, please

  9. So is Laura in reference to anyone in particular? Kind of like how the video for Daniel was inspired by Ralph Macchio?
    Also is the old queen in the vid someone?

    Speculation and reading far too much into things aside, this track is gorgeous as is the cover. Verrrrrrrry excited for this one.

  10. Well his arms are in the right place but I think his penis needs some help.

  11. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  12. I feel like I’m the only one who thought, “Wow…she’s pretty strong.”

  13. Nice shawl. Your move, Stevie Nicks.

  14. If that’s NSFW, then I’m quitting my job tomorrow.

  15. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  16. Is it meant to be a ‘tribute’ to a Ryan McGinley photo? Without the scars of course

  17. The cover’s kinda goofy lookin, but the song and video is gorgeous. Awaiting my pre-order.

  18. I hear a lot of Leonard Cohen in this. Pretty neat.

  19. Very ‘Working Class Hero’ like in parts. Needless to say, I really enjoyed this one.

  20. Natasha Khan is cooler than Genghis Khan and an even tie with Chaka Khan.

  21. fantastic song, but i like the song a wall

  22. just… incredibly amazing. like always .)

  23. There’s a genre of pornography based around women picking up and carrying men. I only know this because the human sexuality class I took for liberal arts credits was essentially a TA looking up weird porn on the internet.

    Point being: Bat For Lashes just widened her demographic.

  24. yes, good job!

  25. This track is made for modern dance!

  26. Why the hell does the link to this page have gay sex as the thumbnail when searched in google??

  27. Isn’t the drag queen Terence Stamp from Priscilla Queen of the Desert?

  28. can’t say it’s bad, can’t say it’s very good either.

  29. the drag queen is the legendary Lavina CoOp who has just come back to the UK after years in the East Village and still performs in London

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