Andrew Bird - "Give It Away" video

In Andrew Bird’s video for the lilting Break It Yourself song “Give It Away,” a human pinata visits a birthday party, with predictably disastrous results, before the assembled moppets band together to perform emergency surgery. It’s weird, and it my humble opinion, this guy probably shouldn’t rent himself out for any more birthday parties. Jessica Paliza directs; watch it below.

Break It Yourself is out now on Mom + Pop.

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  1. If you liked this vid, please check out the video I directed a video for an amazing canadian band named The Belle Game almost 2 years ago, which shares a shocking number of similarities to this vid, considering no one ever contacted me regarding the use of my concept, framing of specific shots, or casting.

    Shit’s hard out hurrrrrr for an unsigned director– A lot of people worked very hard on our video, most of them without being paid, and I think they deserve to be credited for their creativity and the heart that went into it. Bummer.

  2. How do you sleep at night?

    Seriously. I saw some posts about this and I wanted to believe it was just a sad coincidence. Upon viewing this fucking video I am ready to strangle someone. Forgive my crudity but, my god. If you’d have me believe for one single second that this “director” just happened to write and shoot something as epically completely identical in plot, tone, camera work, color and every other aesthetic aspect completely coincidentally…

    Well I’ve got a bridge for sale if you’re interested.

    Again, I don’t want to drag this thread down into the mud sounding like an asshole but this is not a victimless crime. There are people on every level of this thing being basically spat and shat on. Fred and his crew who worked hard, tirelessly and brilliantly on their piece. And The Belle Game, a small, earnest and amazing group of people trying to put some beautiful music into the world, deserve some fucking respect as artists, musicians and human beings.

    At the end of the day I can rant and rave all I want but the proof is out there, indelibly, on the internet for anyone to see. Check the dates etc…

    GAHHHHHH watching both of these again for the sake of writing this comment is making me insane. Who the fuck do you think you are?

    THANK YOU JESSICA PALIZA for subscribing to the Urban Outfitters school of industrial espionage and ripping off small, unrecognized creative geniuses for the sake of marketing your own hollow regurgitation of some other people’s brilliance. The world needs a million more like you!

    Please help spread the word about this travesty.

  3. Stereogum, please do some background on this and give these people some justice! Take this fucking video link/story down or, even better, post a new article detailing the shady overlap of this work, giving credit where credit is due, and shame where shame is due.

    • I edited this Andrew Bird video and helped out from the very beginning. Myself and the crew are incredibly hurt by these comments. None of us, especially the director/writer, have ever heard of The Belle Game nor seen the Tiny Fires video.

      I watched the Belle Game video. It’s great, and the song is beautiful. But come on, it’s not the same. Different meanings. Just because there’s a Pinata man and children doesn’t mean it’s the same. There are only a couple of options for storytelling with a Pinata. They exist to get the shit beat out of them. Because they are filled with candy. And are around for children’s birthday parties.

      We were all volunteers. Nobody got paid. We dedicated 3 months of our lives to this video. We have been listening to Andrew Bird’s music and he inspires us, so we wanted to give something back to him. It was a project from the heart. This is our first time doing something official and real, and the vitriol is pretty much a big fat discouraging heartache for everyone that worked on the video (also all unsigned).

      If anything, the original Pinata Man concept was from the Skittles commercial, which predates everyone. And frankly, it’s totally better than everything.

      So THANK YOU BRIAN MATTAROCHIA for posting your super pissed off opinion about something you assume. You couldn’t be more damning, especially when we never copied from Tiny Fires.

      Shit’s hard out hurrrr for a bunch of kids that were so happy to give something back to Andrew Bird, only to have people say it’s plagiarised. It wasn’t. But thanks, damage done. Bummer.

  4. Thanks for that post Brian,

    It is nice to see that other people recognize our hard work and creativity. Hopefully Stereogum can shed some light on this situation to expose this video for the fraud that it is.

    Matt ( Belle Game – Tiny Fires Producer)

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