Beach House on Fallon

If you’re into watching romantically gauzy indie bands playing on late-night TV — and who isn’t? — then last night was pretty much just a cornucopia of riches. Shortly after the xx played on Conan, Beach House appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, playing the swoony Bloom track “Wild.” And as a bonus web exclusive, they also pulled out a deep cut from the album, playing “Wishes” and sounding absolutely confident in their own spell-weaving capabilities. Watch both below.

Bloom is out now on Sub Pop. Baltimore represent.

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  1. Great performances. I also love how it was preceded by Nelly doing “Hot In Herre”

  2. Still wondering how much is pre-recorded (out of the drumbeats), felt the sound was really flat when I saw them, also Victoria is just too distant, like she said 2 words in one hour, et kept hiding behind her hair, I thought it was no different than to listen to the album (which is great, and still one of the best of the year).

    • I noticed they had a drum machine when I saw them. Also Victoria talked a lot…maybe it was the molly.

    • “Victoria is just too perfect—like, she said two words in one hour, which is more than we mere mortals deserve.”


    • I saw them exactly a week ago & they were fucking amazing. You can differentiate the recorded drum beats from the actual live drummer. I was in the balcony & I could still see Victoria’s eyes…(weird, but the balcony was best spot if you wanted to be close to the stage without being trampled on).

      Honestly, I just think you got a bad show Lol

  3. i just think it’s a dream that a sound like this was broadcast into people’s homes

  4. I saw them a few weeks ago in Tulsa and they sounded great. I have been dissapointed with a lot of bands live mixes, but Beach Houe were spot on.

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  6. Well maybe they were in the middle of the european tour and were tired, but I felt also like the tracks didn’t get any more interesting live, really felt like listening to the album. Anyway, there’s already enough great live bands and maybe I prefer to enjoy this one at home.

    • I know I’ve commented t do the most here but I really feel compelled to reply to you because I’m convinced that Beach House is a great live band. Their show last week was a totally separate experience from listening to the album. Of course there were similarities to the album, but Alex was totally lost in his guitar & Victoria was doing these little vocal variations that were really cool to see live.

      Prior to seeing them live, I’ve watched a lot of videos over the years & I think they’ve finally perfected their stage presence, Victoria especially.

      I think they’re just starting to give everybody else a run for their money & as a music fan, I’m happy for them.

      • In addition to them giving a fucking excellent light show!!

        I look back on the video I recorded & these live TV appearances, and TRUTHFULLY speaking, live video footage doesn’t do them a lot of justice…you just really have to be there at the show.

        (Stereogum, please think about adding a “delete comment” button, geez…I’m sick of looking at my own avatar Lol)

  7. Not that it adds to the discussion, but she looks totally baked here.

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