The Soundtrack Of Our Lives

Swedish psych-rock band the Soundtrack Of Our Lives, who formed in Gothenburg in 1995, have announced plans to call it quits. In September, they’ll release their final album Throw It To The Universe, and they’ve got a number of farewell gigs coming up, mostly in their homeland.

Talking about the breakup, the massive, frequently be-robed frontman Ebbot Lundberg tells NME, “My idea when we started this band was that we were gonna peak around 2012. Which suddenly is pretty soon!”

The band had a brief burst as American press darlings in the early ’00s, along with a group of Swedish bands like the Hives and Sahara Hotnights, all of whom were peripheral players in the weird return-of-the-rock hype-attack. TSOOL, though, were mellower and more expansive than any of those bands. Also, their “Sister Surround” was a total jam. They remained popular in Sweden; two years ago, I watched them play a pretty epic set with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra at their hometown’s Way Out West festival. Below, watch their “Sister Surround” video.

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  1. they ate sh*t from critics but hot damn if you didn’t put on a hell of a live show and everyone of your albums had a handful of great singles. Uncle Ebbott and the gang will be missed.

  2. Throw It to the Universe is already out. It came out about a month ago.

  3. I’ve never gone to the trouble of saying this band’s name is terrible, but wow, it really is. It always makes me think of those lame commercials where someone is crooning about how cotton is “the fabric of our lives.”

  4. Did these guys use to be Union Carbide Productions?

  5. TITTU came out two months ago and it’s awesome… I am shocked… one of the best Swedish bands. Gutted I am gonna miss London

  6. Darn, darn, darn! They are one of the few bands that I’ve been pining to see live for years and kept hoping they would make it to Atlanta…….

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